Hi everyone, it's me MIU!

Half-Japanese and half-Thai, I'm a free-lance semi-professional MODEL and ARTISTE based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I have lived in the UK for 12 years previous to that, where my modelling career was born in 2008.

Apart from working all over the UK and Holland, assignments have taken me to Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Sweden, Ireland and, of course, my hometown Japan!

I started as a life model posing nude for artists in the late 90s and eventually put myself in front of the cameras as a glamour model and became involved in car shows and hostessing parties and events in the UK. Easily bored with the same old routine I like to vary my work. Today, much of my work lie with nude, fetish, alternative, and erotic art.

For more information, you can also find me on: http://www.minimiumodel.com/

I love to document all my shoots and events to reflect what a great time I'm having and meeting all sorts of people. Some entries may be delayed since the shoot due to waiting for edited images or just being "busy". But I do my best!


Thursday, 30 December 2010

That Crazy Snow Shoot is now on Flickr!

Click onto the button flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing, and have a look at all the images we took on that day...!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Private Snow Shoot in the Secret Garden

So the snow sets in again! In UK it's pretty bad, ditto in the Netherlands. It somewhat happens to be a tradition out here to have a snow shoot, in nude if possible, whenever there is snow. Maybe because it's not usual to snow so heavily. Or maybe it's just the case of us mad togs & mods seeing who can come up with the craziest and most daring pics of braving the snow with nothing on. Well in my case that's definitely so!

Obviously getting a shoot arranged on snowed in days is rather
impossible. Trains are disrupted and roads are too dangerous to drive on. Last year I was lucky when Lester Coates approached me as he was local and had a good solid SUV to drive around in! This time in Amsterdam, I wanted Jessica Evans to shoot but then she's based all the way near the Belgium border, a good 2 hours train ride if I'm lucky. So what is more handy than grabbing a decent Nikon camera and doing a home shoot! It need not be done professionally...the whole point is that we have a lot of fun, right?

We had a whole day to wait last Saturday for our new washing machine to arrive. That is, 18 December 2010. During waiting, I did my makeup and hair, practically meditating before having to brave the cold snow outside. Luckily the delivery men and the engineer came and went before it got too dark to shoot. Around 2pm, we shot away!

First I wanted to shoot a cute Xmas theme possibly for this year's greetings "card". Some would be FB-friendly, others "rude". I donned a Santa Claus hat along with a pair of red sequin Xmas theme pasties but as I had neither red knickers nor red bikini bottoms with me, I simply covered my bottom bit with my faux-fur scarf! To add a little va va voom to it, I put on a pair of black thigh high boots. You got it, it's going to be Sexy Santa in the Snow! Afterwards, the faux-fur and the pasties came off and it was just me, the hat and the boots...

You know, I was expecting it to be torturously cold out there. But somehow, I was so excited about this shoot, looking forward to it all week, that I totally forgot how freezing it was! There was snow on the ground alright but it wasn't snowing, and there was no wind. So even when I shook the trees so the snow would fall on my naked body, I was still smiling. And even when I was instructed to go on all fours on the snow, I was still smiling. And also even when I was asked to pick up some snow with my bare hands and rub it on myself, I was still smiling! Trust me, it wasn't because it was "part of the job". I was actually enjoying it!

After exhausting the Santa "outfit", it was away with the Xmas theme and just shooting with nothing on but my thigh high boots! I figured that after Xmas, the theme would look too
"outdated". So there I was posing away. And yes, I was still smiling even when I was once again asked to pick up snow and rub it on myself and go down on all fours so low that my belly would touch the snow. The piece de resistance of course was... I was to lie down on my BACK in the snow and to cover my bits with snow... yep especially for Facebook! Why pixilate or censor areas when you can use snow???

Boy that was one awesome shoot! Going crazy and having so much fun frolicking in the snow, in the nude for that matter! It certainly brought the inner-child in me once again. The images got downloaded today, and I must say I was well impressed with the quality of them despite the lack of studio lights and reflectors. Thankfully with my elementary Photoshopping skills, I was able to tweek the exposure and the cropping.

As someone on Fetlife suggested, I ought to have gone barefoot in the snow... Brrrrr....oh well maybe another time!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

When Tokyo Roze meets Roze Thorn with KK Perales

Oh dear... the Amsterdam move has put me back a few weeks. I'm even starting to forget which shoots I have done which is not good! But I suppose some things have to take priority. And whilst I'm out here I'm still waiting for edited images from "certain" togs mainly from three major ones I had done last month....YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!

On a more positive, I had one of the funnest shoot the other day. Well say precisely on 12 November 2010. I happened to spot a very interesting pic on Facebook and traced that to be shot by a Spanish tog based in London called KK Perales. I really liked his "crazy" and original ideas which are all well captured. Then there is also Roze Thorn... a fellow model from County Durham whom I met at a group shoot last year. Such a sweet, bubbly and gregarious gal with the cutest Geordie accent ever. We've been chums since and talked about doing a shoot together. Only problem was finding a suitable tog!

KK has previously shot with Roze and in fact get along so well I thought he would be a perfect choice. Another plus is that a week or so before our shoot he had been in Tokyo with a bunch of photographers and was so fascinated by the culture and "Tokyo Fashion" scene so we had lots to catch up on. Originally, KK and I were going to shoot one-to-one but with Roze in mind, I suggested to KK she also join which he was very keen about. It was going to be one fun shoot!

KK picked me up from Swanley station which is near London and drove me to his garage-studio. What an easy-going guys he is, full of energy and vitality. In fact I only met him for the first time but I felt I have known him for years! When we arrived at the studio, Roze was already there getting ready and we just gave each other BIG HUGS. As we prepared for the shoots we were chatting and having so much fun like two teenagers getting ready for a night out

Roze had the ingenious idea of being the strict headmistress with me playing part of the naughty schoolgirl. Recently, I've been doing quite a lot of shoots of me in a Japanese school girl uniform and in fact it has practically become a trademark so thought it would be an idea to use it in this shoot. KK, being back recently from Tokyo, relished on the idea. He put an old schooltable in the middle of the set and later on even added a few props like a skeleton and bottles of dead reptiles (!) like it were a Science lab. Roze and I happily worked on various poses and had lots of fun experimenting. And you know, she may look scary but she's actually very gentle and sweet!

For the next set we just spontaneously decided to do a modern Tokyo gal meets Victorian-style English lady. So Roze got on her black corset with black lacey dress along with a cute white hat. And there I was in a skimpy white PVC top with pink frills with matching white PVC hotpants along with a shocking pink hairpiece Roze had kindly lent me. We looked so cute together. And I really loved the image in which we're holding hands and looking so happy. And we were!

Final set, another "mismatch" theme! This time I was clad in a red pvc one-piece dress I had bought at the Fetish Fair in Brussels and teamed that with a pair of matching red fishnet tights and borrowed a pair of cool chunky red & black shoes from Roze. She, on the other hand, decided to dress up as a nurse and donned on a voluminous wig. We decided to play dentist and victim where she is supposed to be torturing me with dental instruments which by the way she even brought along! Where she managed to find to them is quite a story too...

We called it a day as it was getting late in the day and we were getting hungry. After packing up, we proceeded to KK's place where I was introduced to his wife who is a make-up artist. In fact she teaches theatrical make-up at a local college! The next time I shoot with KK, I would definitely like to use her as our MUA as I myself would love to do something different.

This was actually the first time I've done an alternative fashion shoot which made it even more interesting for me. It certainly adds creativity and flavour and plus it's so much fun! I would love to do more shoots like this. KK has in fact invited me to do some shoots with him for his stock photography in addition to doing some more "crazy stuff". He is not only a photographer but also an artist which is clearly reflected in his work. Working with a model like Roze Thorn who has plenty of experience in the alt scene opened up my eyes as well. Thank you both of you. I am looking forward to working with both again!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Second Helpings with Niko and Dave

This is the second installment of my blog on the East Midlands Fetish Tour II. On the day of arriving in the area on 13 November 2010, I had the honour of shooting with Niko (also know as Clover) and Wykd Dave again. I only know them by their screen names and honestly don't know their real names yet but who cares! They're still awesome to work with as well as being one of my good friends. Dave is highly praised in the shibari circuit in UK, also getting quite known abroad, while his partner, Niko, continues to model beautifully with the best photographers and is doing well with the photography side too.

Dave picked me up from Derby station and drove us to their pad where Niko greeted me with big hugs. We had some lunch and chatted for a while. Previously I told Niko that I got myself some Japanese school
uniforms on e-bay and I seem to remember her mentioning that the navy-blue winter uniforms are hard to get hold of. So.... I thought it would be a pleasant surprise for her and moreover most appropriate for the shibari theme. Both Niko and Dave were so excited about this and so was I! In fact... Dave was so excited that a small school desk and chair was waiting for us all ready to be shot with at the studio. How cute is that!

So there I was in my school uniform ... sitting on the tiny chair getting my right leg bound in "futomomo" whilst having both of my hands tied back from over my head. I was supposed to look distressed though in reality I was not at all in pain as David is very highly skilled at tying and making sure I had no discomfort. We also added a few sets in which I am to be caught red-handed looking at some bondage pictures for which I am to be later punished. So more an expression of "Oh no, I've been busted"!

After a break, we thought we'd experiment shooting upstairs where the extra bedroom is. It was Dave & Niko's first time as well. Dave "ripped" the carpets from the floor so we would have the floorboards as background. While the crimsom red walls in the downstairs studio created a dark solemn atmosphere, the white walls and the natural light from the window in the upstairs room created a brighter effect, a change of scenery. I was quite impressed how well the images turned out. So well done, Niko!

Though still in my schoolgirl outfit, we did a different bondage style. Dave this time tied my wrists and forearms together to create a sort of "prayer" position which in turn would be roped in conjuction with having my ribcage area being bound so I can't move my arms at all. Then I was to sit on the floor and my right ankle would be tied as if I were going to be dragged!! Hehe in the last of the series, my panties would be down to my shin as Dave created a futomomo again on my left thigh... I have to say that was rather naughty... but cute!

We also did a few topless shoots where I'd be just in my school skirt. Dave created a "breast
harness" or a variation of the shinju whilst my arms would be tied back. Going on my side on the floor, my ankles would be tied together like they were going to be dragged or being leashed on a post. In actual fact, it was one of Dave's kettlebells the rope was tied to!

Our last set was back downstairs, and this time no uniform! In fact nothing on but ropes. I knelt on the floor and again had my arms tied back. Dave created a "harness" in the breast and hip area and as I leaned back as far as I can, the harnesses were suspended to a ring on the ceiling. I myself was not suspended as my legs were still on the floor but even just bending backwards was just as effective in terms of aestheticism and comfort level. Dave and Niko got hold of some beautiful Japanese "sensuu" fans which they fastened on the ropes leading to the ceiling. And wow, the effect was outstanding...!

By the time we were done, we were all quite exhausted. Elaborate rope bondage, namely
shibari, does take up quite a lot of energy but certainly brings back the positive vibes. This time we weren't able to do full suspension but as we have done that the last time, it was better we did something different and focus on the "naughty schoolgirl" theme. As usual, Dave was very quick and skillful in his rope tying and I felt safe. Niko was also with us the entire time of course taking the pictures and she too kept making sure I was okay and to let them know if I feel uncomfortable at any time. As I mentioned in my blog on the last shoot with them, Niko is a model as well so can sympathise with our concerns.... no faffing about with the lighting or position, all is well thought out before Dave ties the model...

As usual I am very pleased with the results. The quality of the pictures turned out so well, and the ropework was beautiful. I hope to work with them soon as they are so pleasant to have around and such fun to work with. Thank you both of you again!!!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Fetish Group Shoot II in Nottingham

The action-packed weekend of 13-15 November was my East Midland Fetish Tour II, the second trip up to Nottingham & Derby to work with various photographers and models in the fetish scene. The tour stared with my second shibari shoot with NikoFoto along with her partner, Dave, as rigger, then the following day participating in the Fetish Group Shoot organised by Jonny Blaze at the Blue Carrot Studio in Hucknall and on the final day working with Paul otherwise known as Suffering4art. Today's blog will focus on the Fetish Group Shoot...

John Mountney, the tog with whom I worked the Monday before (see blog below), picked me up about half-12 from Niko and Dave's who kindly put me up for the night after the previous day's shoot. The shoot was originally to be 10am to 5pm but due to some misunderstandings with the booking of the studio, the times got changed to 1pm to 8pm which gave us more a reason for a lie in! When we arrived at the studio, there were already people there most of whom I had never met before but everyone was so friendly already. I finally got to meet the organiser of the event, a tog called Jonny Blaze whom I was also dying to work with!
There were also a few I had communicated with earlier on FB and of course there were models Gary and Shelley (a.k.a. Darkcell and Whitecell) a cool couple from Birmingham for whom I did the make-up over a year ago! I quickly made friends with the other models as well all of whom were experienced but helpful as I'm relatively new to the scene.

I was quite flattered to find one of the togs come up to me and grab me before everyone
else did! That was Dean Wilkinson. He brought with him his brother, Hamish ("Mish") and a friend called Bob both of whom Dean is mentoring. After a brief discussion about outfits, I got changed into a black PVC basque with black fishnet stockings. It was freezing as hell butwell worth it! A lot of fuss was also made about the positions of the lights and where to pose but I didn't mind at all because we were all striving for striking images. With Dean as "leader", the three of them took turns shooting... well I hope I created a good impression as a model! The first pic above was taken by Dean..

For the next set, I changed into a red PVC underbust corset (one I bought at the Brussels fet con) with matching collar and fishnet tights. I shot with Jonny Blaze briefly, again up in the attic but among where all the BDSM furnitures were. Teaming up with Gary "Darkcell", I was initially to be domme with whip in my hand, then the roles would be reversed and I would be the one ended up being spanked on all fours by him! A veteran in fetish photography, Jonny had lots of cool ideas on how to make the images look more effective and dramatic. And kudos to Gary who must've been boiling and dying for fresh air as he had his latex head mask on even for a previous set he did with another model! It was a pity the session with Jonny was so short but it's hardly surprising as he's in great demand. We're anticipating having a one-to-one shoot in the near future, and soon I hope!

I quickly changed into a pair of metallic blue hot pants and though topless, donned a collar with small chains dangling down, both items from my favorite brand, Unzipped, from
Amsterdam. Pairing this up with a pair of thigh high boots, I was ready to rock! This time, it was Bob and Mish who took turns shooting both with me solo and with me paired up with Shelley "Whitecell" The setting? A pair of hairdryer hoods!! You know the kinds you see with little old ladies nattering in at hairdressers? Wow now that's an original one, who would've thought of that! And in fetish gear too... hmmm. Oh and dont mind the yellow dot on my chest... that was intended for Facebook!

After this interesting set, I shot with Dean again. We were both intending to shoot something in vintage but the closest I could get to something resembling "retro" was a cute black La Senza lingerie-dress with pink ribbons and suspenders. I wore a pair of pink fishnet stockings to add some cuteness to it and posed whilst standing on a huge tyre. As I write this, I am still waiting for the edited images to arrive...

Then I finally got to work with the tog I came to the shoot with in the end!!! Yes, that's right, John Mountney... We have been planning to collaborate together for the group shoot in the first place even before Monday's shoot was considered. The deal was that I would wear the ballet boots with a white lacey dress and if we had the time, we would do a shoot with me wearing a gas mask which I've never done before. The setting was to be in front of some machinery. Having shot with those boots before, I knew what to expect but as it was later on in the day and I've been strutting around in boots and heels for hours they were more painful than I thought! Nevertheless, I still persevered... and came up with a couple of impressive images.

Unfortunately we didn't have the chance to use the gasmask because we thought we'd do a quick shoot of me in a cage. Though Jonny decided to end the session an hour earlier than scheduled, I speedily changed into a pair of white PVC hot pants, red collar and red ankle boots with padlocks on the side and entered the cage. I had so much fun crawling on all fours and looking like a wild but distressed animal trying to escape! Of course I wouldn't want this to really happen to animals...

It was a shame the group shoot ended an hour earlier than scheduled but some participants had family commitments which couldn't be helped. Still we all had a great time and I got to meet a lot of wonderful people that day. So far I'm pleased with the images and look forward to getting more. They certainly added much more value to my portfolio especially as they were well taken, well thought out and well varied. Thanks so much guys, and thanks Jonny for organising this. I look forward to doing more such shoots so please invite me again!!!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

On My Toes with John Mountney

So back in the UK now, and getting more and more known in the fetish scene. I volunteered to participate in the Fetish Group Shoot in Nottingham this month (more about that in later blogs) and came across a tog called John Mountney among the participants. Impressed with his work, I contacted him to see if he would be interested to shoot me at the group shoot and he said yes!

Meanwhile, he also asked me if, on a separate occasion, I would like to do a shoot for a paid-to-view site called Styxwetworld. In this, I am supposed to be getting drenched in the shower fully clothed wearing normal clothes. No nudity, not even topless. Hmmm sounds interesting. How many people get off on watching fully-clothed women get soaked is, shall I say, rather interesting. As the studio was based in Derby which was a trek for me, we thought we would combine this shoot with some portfolio-enhancing work.

John was keen to utilise a pair of ballet boots, a gorgeous black shiny PVC one. I've only worn them once previously but I too wanted to be taken in it more explicitly, ie. close up or wearing nothing but them on or, as John dared me to, even standing on them! He also came up with some
creative ideas using some chain which he had bought at a hardware store. And for the rest of the session, we could work on some nice outfits such as corsets and basques. We set the shooting date for 8 November 2010.

Before the shoot, John and I corresponded quite a bit on Facebook and he seemed so kind and laid back. He picked me up from Derby station but initially I couldn't find him because I ended up in the wrong exit! Finally we met, and he gave me a lift to the studio which was not too far. Just as I expected, John was friendly yet formal and immediately put me at ease. When we got to the studio which was already warm and toasty, we got down to doing some shoots using the ballet boots.

So there I was, clad in just the boots, a pair of black PVC gloves and a black collar, posing in various positions to enhance the boots. And what fun that was! We also played with the chain by hooking it around the heels. Then John asked me if I would be able to stand on those ballet boots. Well I have to thank my parents for sending me to ballet lessons when I was in school. I learned to use toe-shoes back then which really hurt like hell but like riding a bike, I recalled how to stand in them properly although we had to get John's assistant to help prop me up with a stool! I have yet to receive the edited image of me standing on my toes in those boots...

Taking a break from the ballet boots, I got dressed in a black leather underbust corset I had bought in Amsterdam. It was expensive but man it's worth an investment! Teamed up with a pair of red satin gloves, we focused on doing some "artistic" images. Then I changed and went for a black & white zebra print basque/dress which again I have yet to get edited images of.

We found a trunk which we used as a prop. There, I got myself inside it and around it and later on, I grabbed the ballet boots and went inside the box...well rather, the other way around, going inside the box and THEN putting on the boots! Pity the edited images are not available yet but I liked the way they turned out as I sat in the box and stuck my head out and stretched my legs upwards to show the boots off.

Concluding the portfolio shoots, we proceeded to do the Styxwetworld shoots where I was to do three sets of stills with me drenched in the bathtub. The studio conveniently had a wet room for this purpose as John shoots a lot for this site. First set was me dressed in
a evening gown, then a business suit, followed by jeans & T-shirt! And nope, none of those outfits belonged to me! Just the underpants. I must say it felt rather therapeutic plunging myself in a bathtub getting myself all soaked fully clothed! Sometimes doing crazy things is a wonderful way of releasing suppressed emotions. Unfortunately, I am unable to post any photos up of this session as this is all commissioned work.
We finished the day quicker than we expected. I suppose it's because before meeting me, John was not sure how quick I would be at taking directions and how much I knew how to pose in front of the cameras naturally. With plenty of time, I just leisurely packed my stuff and we hanged around inside the warm studio browsing through some of the images we had taken and generally chatted to get to know each other better. John gave me a lift to the station and we looked forward to seeing each other again in few days time for the Fetish Group Shoot II on Sunday... it was a pleasant warm-up shoot as well as being able to shoot with John on a one-to-one basis. Thank you so much for making this day so enjoyable!!!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Miu Behaving Badly in Brussels

Sorry guys it took this long to get back to you on my next installment of our weekend in Brussels. As stated int he last blog entry, I had a shoot with Joris Bruyninckx on the Sunday morning, 31 October 2010 during the Fetcon weekend there. Joris was quick about mailing the images soon after the last blog but it was me who was so busy with travelling and shooting I didn't even have the chance to browse throught the 350 or so images he had chosen for me till yesterday!

At around 10am, Joris met up with me in our room at the Hilton Hotel. Always full of creative ideas he brought a bag of goodies and costumes for us to use. We decided to do a few warm up shoots of me wearing my sexy red and black lingerie set, sultrily rolling around the double bed of the room. It's been a while since I last did a proper lingerie shoot so it was quite nostalgic briefly reliving days as a glamour model...

Once warmed up, Joris dug out a really sweet Bunny Girl costume which also doubled up as a French maid outfit. Very sweet indeed as it came with a pair of cute white knee socks with
black bows and a bunny ear hairband which kept slipping! And the shoes... they were the pair I bought at the Fetish Fair the night before, those black & white ultra high platforms. We first shot in the room with me standing up and sitting in the armchair. Then we went to the hallway to see if we could pull a few crazy stunts. Luckily for us, the hotel maids were on their break but had left the vacuum cleaner and trolley in the hallway. Hehe, so we quickly did a few shots of me picking up the vacuum cleaner and pretending to be hoovering or just squatting down and holding it. Even better is when Joris shot me with my top down or my skirt pulled up to expose myself as a naughty maid bored out of her wits with her job. And we also managed to grab a few shots of me standing next to the trolley.

Back in the room I changed to another outfit to prepare for something even crazier! I'd be the rich hotel guest wearing nothing but a long fur coat and fur hat, accompanied by a pair of red high platform shoes. The idea was that I'd be secretly flashing and exposing myself in front of the camera, similar to the Travelodge Trash images I had done earlier but more "upmarket" shall we say! Upon arriving to the room this morning, Joris reported how he had noticed the extravagant and expensive-looking decor of the hotel lift and hence suggested that we do the set there when of course no one is passing by. So there I was in the lift opening my coat and teasing, having a lot of fun. At some point, the doors would be closing and I'd have to rush and push the "open" button as quick as I can which Joris skillfully captured. I really was getting my kicks out of this!

Now if you find the last set crazy enough, take a load of this! For the final set of the day, Joris drove us to Brussels main train station but before leaving he bound my naked body with white ropes in a loose Shibari-style. I was then to wear a long coat, which was my own ankle length black leather coat. It took quite a while to drive through the traffic among all the mad drivers
and to find a parking spot reasonably close by but it was worth it. Being a Sunday, the station was rather quiet though there were quite a number of people, and Joris led me to the very end of a platform where I was to expose myself along with the ropework. Now that was crazy but fun! At one point, the railworker stepped out of his shed and I'll bet he couldn't believe his eyes. Needless to say, he waved! There were some excellent shot where the train would be approaching or leaving behind me in the background. Then we moved to another platform, a much quieter one. There I felt more comfortable taking my coat off and getting down to business. Luckily it was not such a cold day either. I still can't believe what we did, having a nude photoshoot smack in the middle of a city's main railway station! Imagine doing that at London's Victoria Station... it will never happen.

Concluding the shoot, we went out for lunch and Joris dropped us off near the hotel and agreed to meet up again at the Fetish Fair in the evening. It was a pleasure to work with him again. He has all these excellent ideas which are well-thought out when planning venues. Once I'm more settled in Amsterdam, we intend to work together again should I be passing by Brussels or Antwerp on my way to or from London. I wonder what the next shoot will entail!! Thanks again, Joris, can't wait to work with you again soon! And please bear with me as I have yet to upload on Flickr more of those awesome images of this crazy day...

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Fetish & BDSM Festival in Brussels - 30-31 October

During the Halloween weekend while you guys were out there trick or treating and scaring the daylights out of everyone, we made our way along to the FetCon in Brussels! It was the first of the kind in the Belgian capital which I must say was fairly successful though a little more subdued than I imagined. What I liked about it though was that the people who attended were serious fetishists or minimum a kinkster who made the effort to dress up in their gear. Ever go to an event and you see all these space-wasters who turn up in small groups wearing jeans, t-shirts, anoraks and rucksack like tourists to gawp at the "weirdos" as if they were circus freaks? Or these groups of lads that go there and behave like they were on a stag do but balk at the sight of a whip? That is sooo annoying! That's why I don't go to Erotica in London anymore...

So we went there for both Saturday and Sunday. We figured that if we're going to spend a good few hours driving from Amsterdam to Brussels we may as well make the most of it. So when we arrived at the hotel, had some snacks of healthy guacamole, chips and Greek salad, we went to get changed...I donned myself in a one piece black PVC dress I bought at, of all places, Ann Summers, along with a pair of fishnet holdups. Oh and dont forget those groovy black platform shoes I bought in Amsterdam too! We figured that we go a tad conservative on the attire the first evening to see how everyone else dresses...

We took a cab to the venue, the Cellars of Cureghem, a perfect venue for a fetish event. Certainly beats those rather bland exhibition centres! There were at least 25 different stalls exhibiting and selling various fetish outfits, equipment and toys. Yes... lots of killer shoes and kinky boots too! And quite a lot of PVC wear though only one stall I saw each for leather and latex. We came across an awesome red PVC underbust corset...mmmm! Unfortunately, we had not enough cash on us and they didnt' take credit cards! But they kindly set it aside for us so we could pay and pick it up the next day...

On the side of the venue was a bar and a stage where there was a few rope-tying performances. A girl would be tied and suspended from the ceiling and once done up, the rigger would then spin the poor girl around in circles and lift her up and down with club music playing in the background. It was quite an interesting show to watch but to be honest, after a while it got rather stale. Besides, the show was not focused on ropework artistry but more rope bondage. And during the show, I sneaked out to the stalls and helped myself to a red PVC dress and a pair of black and white platform shoes with a buckle on it for my cute schoolgirl outfits!

The next day on Sunday, I had a shoot with Joris, the Antwerp photographer who shot me as a Japanese schoolgirl in bondage and a pet girl in a white tutu. A separate blog shall follow on this. Before proceeding to the Fetcon, all three of us had some lunch after the shoot at a Turkish snackbar before splitting up to arrange meeting him there so I could change into my kinky outfit for the day. I picked up the red PVC underbust corset at the stall and teamed that up with a black PVC skirt and a pair of red fishnet holdups. To tart it up even more, I wore the red version of yesterday's platform heels and teetered around whilst handcuffed. Along that came some titty accessories including a pair of nipple rings with daggers with which I interchanged with a pair of nipple pinchers every so often...

We managed to meet up with Joris later on though he was busy assisting the Shibari stall. However, he liked my outfit so much so he took a few pics of me but I have yet to receive them but will certainly share later. I had a look through some through his viewfinder and I loved them! So hurry up, Joris, send them right over!!! I also managed to have a few images taken by a Dutch photographer who had a stall. Ben Kruijt had a stall with a mini studio setting where he offered passer-bys to be taken pics for free which he post up on his site for us to download. And hence the picture above. Hmmm I'm quite impressed with his work... once I move to Holland I will definitely look him up!

The closing party was that evening. Kinda a silly thing to do it on a Sunday evening as although it was a Bank Holiday the following day in Belgium, not everyone lives there! We hanged around for a few hours and left around 8pm. In all we enjoyed ourselves and the company of fellow kinksters. The only thing I regretted was not being able to go to the party afterwards.... and buy more stuff!!! Oh well, there's always another Festival!

More info on the Festival: http://www.fetishfestival.be

Monday, 25 October 2010

From Naughty Socialite to Travelodge Trash

I decided to go from Riches to Rags overnight. Following the Naughty Socialite shoot with Jon Mayle (see previous blog entry) on the Saturday, I met up with Bryan Morris (aka Thunder UK) at the Travelodge hotel in neighbouring Billingshurst, West Sussex on Sunday 10 October 2010. We had a chat beforethe shoot on Fetlife and concluded that we do a sleazy motel shoot as I looked at his portfolio and noticed he has done a few and really liked them. I always wanted to do something like that as I seen some awesome B&W images of motel shoots in the U.S. by some art photographers, as portrayed on coffee table books.

Bryan was quite an easy going guy, polite and considerate. Though I myself was a tad quiet at first arriving in a hotel room with a tog I've never met face to face before, he made me feel at ease immediately. What made us both giggle was that he arrived at the room first, and there I was marching through the hotel lobby clad in a gaudy leopard skin coat (part of the shoot outfit) with tons of makeup on with both of us wondering what was on the mind of the poor young receptionist!

The lights were set up and all I had to do was change into lingerie and look pretty. Well pretty? Well, I was to be in black underwear with suspenders & stockings being sexy. However, with the sleazy motel setting in mind, the intention was for me
to be the bored wine swigging, chain-smoking slapper with attitude. What fun that was! There were empty bottles of wine on the dressing table, cigarette stubs piled up high on the glass ashtray (which Bryan smoked all, collected the stubs and brought to the shoot!) and me pretending to smoke! And I don't even drink or smoke... and how cool was that, when I was sitting on the toilet in my bra & knickers having a smoke!

One of the other themes to this shoot was focussed on exhibitionism. Well I won't go into it in detail but I am an exhibitionist. Not only that. I get my kicks doing crazy things like sneaking a flash in public and seeing how far I could go without getting caught. Okay most places have CCTVs but
hey, I'm sure I'm making someone's day! Hehe. So Bryan and I went out in the hallway with me initially wearing that mentioned gaudy leopard skin coat. At one point, an elderly-ish typically Southern-England type couple passed by so I hid in the corner. One they were gone, it was flash time! In another scene, Bryan was to pose as room service and I was answering the door with nothing on. I thought about using the Do Not Disturb sign someowhere but the letters were too small to read...

Another aspect we explored was voyeurism. Bryan was to pose as a voyeur while I was doing my everyday stuff in the hotel room. Drinking, smoking, watching telly, showering, sleeping, looking out the window and even using the toilet! For this shoot, he brought with him a remote-control shutter and disguised himself in a black hood and long leather coat. One of them was of me sleeping on the bed naked while he creeps towards me. Another was of him opening the door whilst am sitting on the toilet seat, knickers down...How rude!

Our final set was a shower scene, related to voyeurism aspect. In the past I never liked doing that because my hair and make up would get ruined. Of course, if we leave it to the last set who cares! And what sleazy motel shoot is complete without a shower scene? So there I went, splashing around and lathering myself with Bryan's shower gel which kinda made me smell suspiciously masculine. I was to act unaware the pics were being taken. Thus, I loved the results when days later, Bryan created a collage of the various shower scenes, as if I was being stalked... the image of this is among the right hand side of this blog...

So concluded our shoot. It was fun and exciting, although at one point we ran a bit out of ideas given the limited space we had in the hotel room. Nevertheless, I think we nailed quite a number of great concepts. I would definitely work with Bryan again, and we plan to shoot soon once our schedules are cleared up. Thanks so much,Bryan, I look forward to it!

...Oh, and now imagine the reaction of the receptionist when I
passed by the lobby with my makeup smudged and hair wet and still wearing my gaudy leopard skin coat!

For more trashy images of this shoot, click onto http://www.flickr.com/photos/minimiu/sets/72157625116446429/

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The Naughty Socialite - shot by John Mayle

The many wonders of modeling is exploring creativity and challenge versatility. One minute it's cute and bubblegum glamour, next minute I'm the femme fatale with an evil smirk, another it's the scared and vulnerable look. Anything to bring men down to their knees! Well this time, I thought I'd play the sophisticated but sexy socialite, that elegant high society housewife or that poor little rich debutante... whichever you choose, a secretly naughty one too!

I was involved in several group shoots arranged by the F8 Glamour Club based in Northolt, near London, the first time being around the beginning of 2009. One of the togs I had modeled for there is Jon Mayle who recently got in touch with me to do a one-to-one shoot. As I was very pleased with his work from the group shoots where I did lingerie and glamour nude stuff, I jumped at the opportunity. After a few months of corresponding due to me traveling so much, we fixed the date for Saturday 6 October 2010 at our place.

Jon was, to quote, "after a high-end 'erotic fashion;, sultry sophisticated, provocative and confident look. So designer dresses with plunging necklines, short or split hem." And hence, my outfits designed by my friend, Farzana Warasta, in Amsterdam were perfect. Also, the dresses designed by Lola who is based in Kensington Church Street in London were also great. Jon was also after testing to see what sort of lighting equipment he should invest on and hence wanted to experiment with built-in flash and reflectors at a home shoot. Considering it was a dull October morning, I must say the results turned out rather well!

We started in the bedroom with the white sheets and cream-coloured walls as the room faces Southeast. I first wore my purple dress which had a plunging neckline, so low and plunging in fact that you need "tittie" tape to hold it in place! This was accompanied by a string of pearls. Next I changed into a brown low-cut tight-fitting cocktail dress with diamante straps designed by Lola in London accompanied by some necklace I bought at a flea market in Amsterdam! The final outfit for this setting was a magenta pink dress from Farzana. As the dress had a split in the middle, I thought wearing a pair of nude holdups with lace tops would be quite tantalising... In this scene, I was to be devouring a bowl of my favourite fruit, strawberries!!!

We proceeded to shoot in the lounge downstairs with all the gorgeous furnitures. As the decor was rather dark I thought I'd change into a metalic mustard-yellow dress. It's extremely tight and rather short with a split on the side so high it's obscene yet the outfit somewhat manages to avoid looking trashy. I have however yet to find an occasion to wear this without raising eyebrows! Again, a pair of nude holdups I thought would be perfect for this dress too. The final outfit of the day was a black dress. Yes an LBD as one would call it but similar to the purple outfit, it is has a plunging neckline...

After 5 outfit changes, Jon was happy with the images so we called it a day. We were both surprised how well the lighting turned out despite limited equipment and mediocre natural light on a dull day. I also thoroughly enjoyed my shoot with Jon today. Though rather quiet and reserved, he is very pleasant and polite as well as being organised, knowing exactly what he wanted in the shoot. Both of us felt more at ease being able to do a one-on-one shoot without the frustrations of a group shoot where all the togs randomly click away or queue up so time is lost. It's also less tedious for the model too who has to do the same pose to satisfy each tog...

Few days on, Jon emailed me the images which turned out well. Sexy and sensual whilst sophisticated and sultry. I'm glad both of us were able to achieve what we were looking to do. I'd definitely work with Jon again. Thank you so much!

For more pictures of this shoot, you won't find it in Hello magazine... but you will on my Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/minimiu/sets/72157625210498854/

Monday, 11 October 2010

Kinky Outdoors Fashion Shoot with Tim Rosier

Ok... so what's my new excuse for this tardiness? The internet at our Amsterdam pad was down for 5 days! So therefore I was unable to do much but catch up with emails via wifi at the local cafe. Still maybe that's no excuse to keep my friends all waiting for my latest!

September has been a busy month though nothing I can't handle (!). Travelling to and around Amsterdam and back, visiting Mum in London and trying to fit in shoots whenever possible. One of them was with Tim Rosier from Northampton with whom I have previously worked doing fetish/erotic images in a derelict army barrack. This time though, we thought we'd focus on something more modest like actually wearing clothes! We decided to work together again on 18 September 2010 as we were firstly pleased with how our first shoot together went but also because I was participating in the Sin City group shoot (to be blogged soon) in his area with his wife, Karenza. They offered to put me up that evening so we could do a shoot the next day.

Rising quite early we set off around 10-ish to catch the morning sun. The day was rather warm as Tim drove us to a nearby woods with a lake which was relatively deserted as it was a weekday. I quickly slipped onto Outfit I, a PVC bra with leather shorts I was going to use for the Sin City group shoot the day before. Along those were a pair of black PVC gloves, fishnet tights and black/silver ankle boots as well as pasties as the bra had open holes to satisfy FB-friendliness! Oh and we mustn't forget that spiky collar I bought in Amsterdam. The contrast between the harsh outfit and the serenity of the woods created some interesting images.

Outfit II was that sexy red lace dress I got in Unzipped in Amsterdam a week before. It's a short body-con tube dress opened in the middle to expose the abs, ultimately hot! Again, the dress really blended well with the background. We love how the red contrasts well with the greenery behind. And then we broke up for lunch at Tim's place where Karenza kindly left me a bowl of pasta salad to satisfy my need for lots of energy.

After lunch and coffee, Tim drove us to another venue. Another
woodland! The evening before, I was watching a music channel on TV with Karenza and Tim. It featured Madonna's early hits, one of them being "Like a Virgin".... man was she so young then! But then weren't we all. Her white lace dress with plenty of jewelry accessorised around the wrists and neck including a crucifix pendant inspired me as I happened to have a lacy mini dress I had purchased in France more than 10 years ago! I took the liberty to borrow the pearls and accessories from Karenza, so thanks to her for leaving it in the hallway from yesterday's shoot. Minus the big hair Madonna had, I think I did a pretty good job emulating. So it was leaning against the tree looking pure and virginal as possible... The results came out quite well, especially with the white against the tree....

Final set, Outfit IV, was a simple blue tube dress from American Apparel. Earlier on when
we were hiking to find a suitable spot, Tim had spotted an abandoned fridge strewn smack in the middle of the woods. Bless the owner who was too cheap to pay for disposal costs and instead had it carried and dumped! Along with the dress I wore a pair of black fishnet tights and my favourite spiky stilettos, posing next to and on top of this fridge in the middle of the woods. It sure made a very interesting concept! We also did a few shots of me on a hill struggling to climb up in my stilettos. However, as the light was diminishing as the day drew, we didn't manage to nail any decent images. But at least the fridge scene worked well!

With the day becoming dull, we decided to call it a day. Once again, Tim displayed his talent as photographer to perfection as he meticulously handled the lighting. Even when one of the flash guns didn't work at the end of the first set, rather than panic he calmly headed for the reflectors. He sent me the edited images within a few weeks, and I was very pleased with the results. Thank you, Tim! I hope to work with you
in the near future soon!

For more images of this shoot, log onto http://www.flickr.com/photos/minimiu/sets/72157625142579258/

Monday, 27 September 2010

Commercial Shoot Debut with Unzipped

So here I'm sitting in our beautiful Amsterdam apartment resting after weeks of insane working and travelling. Weeks of back to back shoots when I'm not visiting mum in London or tending our Horsham home. It's raining here again outside so what to do apart from going to the local gym and playing with Facebook? Updating my blog!!!

Well I figured that whilst I'm out here I may as well tell you about my very first commercial shoot. Out in Amsterdam! There is this wonderful shop called UNZIPPED on Centuurbaan in centre of Amsterdam selling all these hot sexy club wear as well as swimwear which my husband had discovered and introduced me to some time ago. And boy, was that a mistake for him...cuz since then...I've been a regular customer!

The shop is jointly run by Anja and Arthur both who are wonderful people with really awesome ideas for designing outfits. They look good on almost anyone even for the more vertically challenged like myself! The clubwear include good quality stretch PVC in red and black (pink has unfortunately been discontinued) and some sheer garments including those in my favourite pattern, animal print. Then there is also the hot sexy and skimpy swimwear collection in all colours of the spectrum including day-glo pink, green and yellow. You can mix and match the various tops to the bottoms which come to the ultimate skimpiest of thongs! Anja has also been showing me the different ways to wear and tie a simple bikini top...

It was my husband who initially coaxed me to try getting some modeling work with Unzipped for publicity stunts such as their website and posters. However as predicted it proved impossible because tall lean and leggy girls were the look they were after as typical in the fashion world. Besides, the outfits are skimpy and tight they may be well suited for the "better endowed". I further seem to recall they were contracted with an agency for their publicity so it wasn't up to them to choose. Still no hard feelings, as I continued frequenting their shop to stock up on all the hot outfits the photographers would love to see me in! And not to forget feeling sexy strutting around in all the barely-there bikinis by the poolside!

Then one day, that fateful spring day when I was trying on some outfits at their shop, a poster popped out in the changing room. A photographer was searching for models for portfolio enhancement. Initially reluctant to question it after being "turned down" the first time, I just casually asked Anja what that poster was all about and she told me I was very lucky today because the photographer in question happened to be in the shop so I could have a word with him! Enter Bart Sluiter... he had just returned to Holland after living in Curacao for some time and was looking for work and hence models to enhance his portfolio. I suppose Unzipped was also looking for some fresh faces and even ethnic diversity to appeal to "normal" women like myself.

With co-manager/owner Arthur there too, I had a chat with Bart. What an easy going friendly fella he was! Must be all the sun and carefree lifestyle he adopted in Curacao. And he was very keen to work with me given my experience in modeling, positive attitude and enthusiasm. Keeping in mind the reluctance by management to use petite models, I asked if my height was going to be a problem but he kindly responded that with the right angle and some help of photoshop, I could appear taller in photos. Sounds obvious but I often wonder why a lot of fashion photographers don't think of that! After a brief chat, we kept in touch and set up a shooting date for the next time I was there, that is 13 June 2010. I couldn't wait!

The shoot took place at Bart's apartment in Amsterdam, where I was also greeted by his assistant, Claire, a very sweet and lively Scottish "lass" who also helps at the shop. All the clothes were provided from Unzipped which included a pvc red mini skirt with zippers on the sides and matching red bikini top, another red pvc outfit but a skimpy two-piece "swimsuit" with a collar attached and a cute sheer leopard skin top & bottom with matching "gloves". In addition, Bart asked me to bring a black bikini and ankle boots. We also did a shoot where I was to be lying down in a bikini pretending to be sunbathing in a boat from which Bart would superimpose a scenery from a busy Amsterdam canal!

In all the shoot went very well and we had so much fun! We all clicked and gelled together immediately. Am also pleased to make another new friend that day. Claire is from Scotland where my husband is also from and recently moved to Holland. She's also a pole-dancer and is keen to give lessons to the girls whilst out here so now I got someone to practise with and have a good laugh! And who knows maybe if I become good enough she might let me have a go at one of her gigs...

In August, I was featured in the summer advertising campaign that was e-mailed to everyone on the mailing list. Further, three of my photos appeared in the website in the mail-order section.... the two red PVC outfits. How cool is that! I hope I have further opportunities to do this again. Well fingers crossed.... Anja expressed how happy she was and even complimented me on my healthy complexion and "good skin" so I must be doing something right! Thank you everyone for giving me this chance and thanks, Bart, for believing in me... that even shorter models can be given a chance to do some fashion, especially in a hot happening label like unzipped! Will be dropping by more often now...

Log onto http://www.unzipped.nl to check out this hot and happening Dutch clothing line...

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Sweet Happy Nude Shoot in the Dunes

Sadly summer is over as we are now approaching October soon. Then the clocks will start changing and we will really feel the Winter! I therefore just wanted to share you my VERY LAST OUTDOORS NUDE SHOOT for 2010 which took place on 19 August 2010. This was in Heemstede, Netherlands about 32 km from Amsterdam, and the photographer in question is known as Dutch Nude Art on Model Mayhem as he specifically requested me to refer to him as on the blog.

Although August was not such a great month in terms of weather, it was only this day we were very lucky. Pleasant and warm without being irritatingly scorching and morover, perfect for outdoors photography without the strong sun. Neither of us remember how we first got in touch, but we found each other on Model Mayhem where I noticed his nude photography work taken place outdoors on what I had assumed was a beach. I suppose I always wanted to do a shoot posing naked on the beach which is rather impossible in the UK especially in neighbouring Brighton where are too just many people and prying eyes. And I grew a tad tired of doing nude shoots in the woods too! Well it turned out that the venue in question was not a beach in Zandvoort but in the middle of the Dutch Dunes not too far from Amsterdam!

We met up at Heemstede-Aardenhout station and we took a bus for about 20 minutes to the dunes, known as Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen or Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes. It is where the drinking water for Amsterdam is made available via rainwater and pipes scattered around the vast dunes which get purified for consumption. With a rucksack on my back (it was
a nude shoot why do I need extra outfits???) and trainers on my feet, I accompanied the tog through the park which led to the dunes. It was the second day of my Cabbage Soup I recall, the fruit & veg only day, which meant I had no carbs for the energy so I was extra cautious to take it easy by drinking plenty of water. Luckily I'm fit so I survived!

We camped out on several spots throughout the day. Most amazing was that there was NOT A SINGLE SOUL in site! Not even the odd dog walker. How awesome is that! So I was free to roam around in the nude as I pleased which of course suited me. We walked around and hiked hours on end whilst pausing for some shots. All took place in the sand and at one point we found a couple of half-dead trees where I posed. In the end, we settled at this area smack in the middle of the dunes.

After a few shots, the tog had this brilliant idea of getting me to dance, jump up and down and run around in the nude. It was to be from the static to the dynamic. At first I seemed a little shy and reticent but as I got accustomed to it I had so much fun! Recalling that 80's Steve Martin film, "L.A. Story" and how the very young and ditzy but free-spirited Sarah Jessica-Parker starts "spinning around" the beach, I started to feel all the joie-de-vivre resurface in me. I never felt so free and happy for months simply doing crazy things like run, skip and jump like a little child. What a rejuvinating and therapeutic experience that was. I very much recommend that!

Once we decided we nailed enough images we decided to call it a day. It took at least 30 minutes to walk to the gate where we could catch the bus back to the station. However, we realised that we missed the bus and that the next one would be in more than an hour! So rather than hang around and wait, we thought, why not just WALK to the nearby station which was a stop after Heemstede-Ardenhout where we had met up. That would be another 30 minutes or so. But I didn't mind at all. I love walking, keeping fit and enjoying the scenery of the Dutch countryside although much of it is flat fields with cows. Throughout the walk we got to know each other better, talking about families and life in Holland as we're both foreigners (he's half-Peruvian) And the tog was so impressed if a little pleasantly surprised that I didn't complain even once. It's called professionalism... Hope I scored more brownie point on that one!

Once we arrived at the station, we went our separate ways as I took the train back to Amsterdam and he had to go the opposite direction. I had so much fun that day! Though I was just about to collapse with exhaustion when I got home, it was worth it. The tog immediately sent me a contact sheet from which I was to choose 50 images for him to enlarge which in turn I was to select 10 of my favourites for editing. It was a difficult decision as I liked almost all of them! He got me the edits almost immediately after I selected both in colour and B&W. They're so beautiful and so happy. Thank you so much for making my day! I plan to shoot with him again next year of course when the sun is out again...

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Shibari Shoot with Niko & Dave

I had my second Shibari experience in the summer during my East Midlands Tour. The evening following the latex shoot with Les Harwick (as per last entry), I boarded the bus to Ilkeston on 1 August 2010 to work with Niko and her partner and shibari expert Dave Wykd. And what a fine experience it was!

Niko began photography recently but is also a model known as Clover, a sweet and lovely young Irish girl from Dublin studying in Nottingham. It was from Fetlife that she "discovered" me and sent me a message asking me if I'd like to work with her and David for a shibarishoot. I have seen the works of both of them, Niko for her quality images and David for
his beautiful ropework, so I immediately jumped at the opportunity as I was looking to add some more such images in my portfolio, especially after having enjoyed the experience with Rod MacDonald some months before!

After an hour or so bus ride from Nottingham to Ilkeston, I was met up by Niko at the town square, and we walked to their home. She was just as I imagined, very sweet and hospitable! As I was still full up from the pub curry lunch earlier in the day, I let them have their dinner before meeting up with me and arrived at the doorstep where David greeted me. Their front room is used a studio in which the windows were curtained and the walls painted red though Niko typically takes her photos B&W. With the shoot starting the next morning, we just chatted, browsed through various books on rope bondage, relaxed and watched TV and "St.Trinian's II" before retiring off to bed.

Next morning after shower and nipping to Tesco's to buy lunch and dinner, we proceeded with the shoot. But first...Niko instructed me NOT to wear any make-up or do my hair! In fact, it was Dave who initially shook his head when Niko suggested shooting me. The reason? Because I was too made up. Natural was the look they were after. Imagine doing a shoot with no make-up on! But being a skillful make-up artist, though, I have to confess I did slap on some foundation and powder to even out my skin tone and prevent shine, along with eyeliner and mascara to enhance eyes (no false lashes this time!), blusher for a healthy glow and lipliner and clear lip gloss for a fresh-faced natural look. Sorry guys but I couldn't resist!

We started the session with me dressed in a white yukata (Japanese-style gown) with sakura cherry blossom patterns. Dave tied me up around the chest (shinju) and upper arms with my hands tied back with the aim of suspending me from the back before I was stripped off t
he yukata and in nude, as Niko clicked away. Then Dave proceeded in getting me to squat and tying my thighs to my legs whilst knees bent, a terminology known as futomomo (means "thick thigh" in Japanese).
Luckily my Japanese upbringing has enabled me to be able to squat for a reasonable amount of time though I do get pins and needles as my family always used Western furniture like chairs and tables.

With my hands tied back, arms pinned to my sides and knees bent, Dave tied the ropes on my back to the pulley suspension from the ceiling. Scary!!! Even scarier was Dave gently pulling the ropes so that I was really upside down! However, once I was upside down, I was somewhat feeling good, letting the world go by and enjoying the ride. Niko meanwhile was clicking away, knowing exactly which position to shoot from and with experience had the lighting to her satisfaction so there was no faffing about.

Once I was taken down for a swig of water, I got into my yukata and we did some floorwork concentrating on the upper body. This involved binding my arms behind my back and creating patterns with the ropework. One of them is called teppo which means rifle in Japanese, implying a soldier carrying a rifle on his back. It was amazing what a beautiful artwork rope-tying makes! Before breaking up for lunch, we did a quick set in which I was in my yukata again, tied in the chest area with my arms behind and gagged with the same rope. A matching blindfold with the yukata pattern was added for more effect.

Then after lunch, we resumed with more floorwork this time using a bamboo pole which Dave suspended low until it was just a foot off the ground. I was to lie down on the floor being tied to the pole by my ankles, looking helpless as my arms were crossed over my chest and bound. We also added a cloth gag as well. Then the ropes came off and I was ready for another suspension action!

This time, I was suspended horizonally from ceiling along a strong bamboo pole. The pole was strong alright! Ropes were used to suspend me from my ankle, mid thigh, waist and chest. In order to prevent my bottom leg from dangling, it was tied to my other leg knees bent. That was the most difficult position of all, even more than being upsidedown. Upsidedown, at least one can just dangle. But sideways, one really needs to use body strength to keep upright ev
en despite the ropes helping. It was most challenging but my favorite of my images of the day!

The shoot was concluded by more floorwork but at a sitting position . It was a combination of the futomomo on my left leg (tying my upper and lower leg together with knees bent) and tying my lower and upper arm together with elbow bent) on on my left arm. However, my right forearm was to be tied to my right shin area! It really made an interesting effect (see pic on the right hand side of blog) . Once I was untied I not only felt "released" but also very exhausted and a little spaced out. I was nevertheless very pleased with how the shoot went and how the day progressed observing the wonders of ropework. Apart from its effect from a rope-bondage perspective, the point of shibari is for aesthetic purposes, a reason why I enjoy participating.

We had a quick dinner before Dave and Nico drove me to Nottingham station, and we had some coffee whilst waiting for my train back to London. Their hospitality was well appreciated as well as their quality of work and the teamwork. It also helps that Nico is also a model and hence appreciates what it's like to be on our side of the camera. Once I made my choices of ten photos for Niko to edit, I received them a few days after, and was very pleased with the results. I would definitely work with them again... THANK YOU, NICO AND DAVE!!!