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Half-Japanese and half-Thai, I'm a free-lance semi-professional MODEL and ARTISTE based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I have lived in the UK for 12 years previous to that, where my modelling career was born in 2008.

Apart from working all over the UK and Holland, assignments have taken me to Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Sweden, Ireland and, of course, my hometown Japan!

I started as a life model posing nude for artists in the late 90s and eventually put myself in front of the cameras as a glamour model and became involved in car shows and hostessing parties and events in the UK. Easily bored with the same old routine I like to vary my work. Today, much of my work lie with nude, fetish, alternative, and erotic art.

For more information, you can also find me on: http://www.minimiumodel.com/

I love to document all my shoots and events to reflect what a great time I'm having and meeting all sorts of people. Some entries may be delayed since the shoot due to waiting for edited images or just being "busy". But I do my best!


Sunday, 19 December 2010

Private Snow Shoot in the Secret Garden

So the snow sets in again! In UK it's pretty bad, ditto in the Netherlands. It somewhat happens to be a tradition out here to have a snow shoot, in nude if possible, whenever there is snow. Maybe because it's not usual to snow so heavily. Or maybe it's just the case of us mad togs & mods seeing who can come up with the craziest and most daring pics of braving the snow with nothing on. Well in my case that's definitely so!

Obviously getting a shoot arranged on snowed in days is rather
impossible. Trains are disrupted and roads are too dangerous to drive on. Last year I was lucky when Lester Coates approached me as he was local and had a good solid SUV to drive around in! This time in Amsterdam, I wanted Jessica Evans to shoot but then she's based all the way near the Belgium border, a good 2 hours train ride if I'm lucky. So what is more handy than grabbing a decent Nikon camera and doing a home shoot! It need not be done professionally...the whole point is that we have a lot of fun, right?

We had a whole day to wait last Saturday for our new washing machine to arrive. That is, 18 December 2010. During waiting, I did my makeup and hair, practically meditating before having to brave the cold snow outside. Luckily the delivery men and the engineer came and went before it got too dark to shoot. Around 2pm, we shot away!

First I wanted to shoot a cute Xmas theme possibly for this year's greetings "card". Some would be FB-friendly, others "rude". I donned a Santa Claus hat along with a pair of red sequin Xmas theme pasties but as I had neither red knickers nor red bikini bottoms with me, I simply covered my bottom bit with my faux-fur scarf! To add a little va va voom to it, I put on a pair of black thigh high boots. You got it, it's going to be Sexy Santa in the Snow! Afterwards, the faux-fur and the pasties came off and it was just me, the hat and the boots...

You know, I was expecting it to be torturously cold out there. But somehow, I was so excited about this shoot, looking forward to it all week, that I totally forgot how freezing it was! There was snow on the ground alright but it wasn't snowing, and there was no wind. So even when I shook the trees so the snow would fall on my naked body, I was still smiling. And even when I was instructed to go on all fours on the snow, I was still smiling. And also even when I was asked to pick up some snow with my bare hands and rub it on myself, I was still smiling! Trust me, it wasn't because it was "part of the job". I was actually enjoying it!

After exhausting the Santa "outfit", it was away with the Xmas theme and just shooting with nothing on but my thigh high boots! I figured that after Xmas, the theme would look too
"outdated". So there I was posing away. And yes, I was still smiling even when I was once again asked to pick up snow and rub it on myself and go down on all fours so low that my belly would touch the snow. The piece de resistance of course was... I was to lie down on my BACK in the snow and to cover my bits with snow... yep especially for Facebook! Why pixilate or censor areas when you can use snow???

Boy that was one awesome shoot! Going crazy and having so much fun frolicking in the snow, in the nude for that matter! It certainly brought the inner-child in me once again. The images got downloaded today, and I must say I was well impressed with the quality of them despite the lack of studio lights and reflectors. Thankfully with my elementary Photoshopping skills, I was able to tweek the exposure and the cropping.

As someone on Fetlife suggested, I ought to have gone barefoot in the snow... Brrrrr....oh well maybe another time!

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