Hi everyone, it's me MIU!

Half-Japanese and half-Thai, I'm a free-lance semi-professional MODEL and ARTISTE based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I have lived in the UK for 12 years previous to that, where my modelling career was born in 2008.

Apart from working all over the UK and Holland, assignments have taken me to Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Sweden, Ireland and, of course, my hometown Japan!

I started as a life model posing nude for artists in the late 90s and eventually put myself in front of the cameras as a glamour model and became involved in car shows and hostessing parties and events in the UK. Easily bored with the same old routine I like to vary my work. Today, much of my work lie with nude, fetish, alternative, and erotic art.

For more information, you can also find me on: http://www.minimiumodel.com/

I love to document all my shoots and events to reflect what a great time I'm having and meeting all sorts of people. Some entries may be delayed since the shoot due to waiting for edited images or just being "busy". But I do my best!


Sunday, 20 January 2013

Shibari Shoots in Sweden

I spent my first White Christmas and New Years 2013 in Sweden.  It was so wonderful to spend it with Dmitri Reyer and his family as well as chill and escape the concrete jungle of Tokyo, where I had been for the last 6 weeks.  During that time, we also worked together and shot loads, as Dmitri discovered a new interest: Shibari!  Whilst in Japan, he had an introductory lesson from a French shibari artist and decided it would be good to practice it on me and produce some amazing photos.  And we did!

During the trip in Sweden we had at least four fruitful sessions for the bondage shoots.  Over time, Dmitri got more confident and was getting the knack quickly though we need to practice more.  I am, in fact, having so much fun being his guinea pig as well as his muse, so am happy to help him.  Traumatised by the damaged nerve I succumbed to in 2011, though, we are being extra careful and avoiding any “crazy” stuff like suspension and inversions.   It is more about showcasing the beauty of the female form in rope bondage we’re after rather than the physical effect rope bondage has on the female.  As such we were aiming to create something refined, artistic and even subtle whilst combining it with something as raw and edgy as shibari bondage.  

Dmitri had this ingenious idea of using the family piano as a prop.  The intention was to produce a piece called “Piano Lesson” in which we were hoping to involve another model as a dominatrix-style teacher, whereas I was to be the pupil all tied up in front of the piano.   Unfortunately this other model became unavailable so we proceeded to do this solo.  The image turned out just as wonderful!  I was tied to the chair with my arms bound to the back and both legs to the chair legs with the chest harness tied to the piano pedals.  To give this image a more classical feel, I was in nothing but my black holdups and stiletto heels.  Then Dmitri processed this image in a 1920’s retro-style mood.  Posted on his Facebook page we were chuffed to notice that within 24 hours we received a record nearly-60 likes!

Another living room shoot we did involved some hanging on ropes.  I had my hands tied together which was then suspended on a loop nailed to the ceiling.  Then my left knee was to be bent and the ankle suspended to the ceiling as well, whilst showing off the ultra-high stilletos.  To add some interesting effect, my hair got tied with some rope and suspended as well!  Captured from the profile view, it produced a sexy yet stunning high-fashion style image as I was wearing nothing but a collar, black suspenders, stockings and heels!

Much of the bondage shoots, though, was spent in the basement storage area. It was spread out over a few evenings, each lasting a few hours.  After 11pm or so nobody visits it so we can afford to sneak in for some nude bondage shots. The area was rather confined but created the right sort of cold and solitary atmosphere: painted grey concrete floor, white walls and wooden doors. During the first few shoots I donned a latex head mask breathable only through the nose.  Not recommended for the claustophobic but it was certainly worth it!  The images turned out tremendously dramatic with all the ropework which was simple yet restraining.  With Dmitri capturing the images in various angles, namely from the top upwards, the result was quite edgy and striking especially with the stiletto shoes.  In fact, the aim here was to combine fetish with “high fashion” which I think we achieved successfully.

We also worked on creating portraits using the fetish theme.  This time, it involved me wearing nothing but a black leather collar that inscribed “SLAVE” in metal with small chains around the collar loops and wrapping my wrists together hence restricting my movement.  I am supposed to look ecstatic with my eyes closed looking sensually feminine.  I would definitely like to develop this idea more in the future by maybe using a blindfold and having red lipstick on. 

I always enjoy working with Dmitri.  Though rather new to fetish photography, I love that he constantly thinks of ideas and concepts whilst coming up with something new.  We look forward to shooting more once back in Tokyo.  The storage room in my Tokyo apartment is definitely a must.  Can’t wait to shoot more! 

Friday, 4 January 2013

Miu Illustrated

Ship Ahoy!!

HAPPY NEW YEARS!  Mine was spent in Sweden where I was able to experience my first ever White Christmas.  It was beautiful.  That said I have been again so busy the last few weeks with personal and family affairs in Tokyo that I have had little time for shoots and been so slack in keeping up with my modelling blogs.  So my New Years’ resolution?  To advertise more, get more gigs and keep my blogs updated!

To backtrack...I want to share a rather unusual image we produced in Amsterdam on 27 September 2012.  I was approached on Model Mayhem by a photographer-graphic artist in Amsterdam who prefers to be known as Rumblefish. By day, he is a graphic designer working in advertising.  He expressed his liking to my nude bondage shoots and had the idea to incorporate some rope bondage into illustrated backgrounds most of which were dark and eerie but very appealing. For instance, we liked the chimney on top of a ship as well as the old prison cell. 

We decided to shoot at his studio, which for change, was conveniently local with just a short tram ride from which I was picked up.  Rumblefish was very pleasant, down-to-earth and immediately made me feel at ease.  Over coffee, he showed me other samples of the backgrounds he wanted to use, and we came up with a few ideas about how I would pose and be tied up.    Starting by a white wall, I was tied up loosely with rope being gagged and blind folded in various positions, including squatting against the wall or leaning forward with the rope being tied to a nail on the wall.  The latter was used on the illustration of me being tied to the chimney of a huge ship (see above pic).  I was also tied to a table as well to give the effect I am being tied on the ground in the illustrations.

It took only a few days for Rumblefish to e-mail me the results.  They were awesome! The great thing about this shoot was that though the model is the subject, it is not about beauty but about producing an impressive illustration that tells a story.  I wanted to share a few images here.  We were going to shoot before I left for Japan in November but things were so busy before my departure that I had to cancel.  When I am back in Holland in February, I so look forward to working with him again and creating more.  Let’s see what’s in store for us.  Can’t wait!

For more on Rumblefish's work, have a look at his Model Mayhem page!

Confession Time

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Erotic Shibari Shoot with David Rodriguez Toro

With Shibari artist Miyagi-san

Finally my first blog entry since arriving in Japan!  Despite my busy schedule out here, I’ve been managing to scatter photoshoots here and there.  However, putting priority on personal and family affairs have been preventing me from fully concentrating on modelling work let alone catching up on my blog for which I have quite a backlog!  Never mind.  Now that I have more spare time since last week till I leave in January end, I could now focus more on creating quality work.  And what better place for an authentic Japanese bondage Shibari shoot by a proper Japanese rope artist than Japan itself!

Well, I have done a number of shibari shoots in the past but with Western rope artists.  Being picky and working only through recommendation, I have been lucky enough to have worked in the UK with wonderful riggers like Wykd Dave and Rod McDonald as well as in Japan with Nuitdetokyo who is French.  However, I have always wanted to work with a Japanese rope artist to fully experience the native way.  Thus on 14 November 2012, I had the opportunity to shoot with Spanish photographer David Rodriguez Toro with whom I worked with many times before.  We have been talking about doing a Shibari shoot for some time and through corresponding on Facebook, David was able to find a reliable and experienced Shibari artist.  Enter Jun Miyagi!

We all met up at Meguro station around 10 am.  Along with David and Miyagi-san came another Spanish photographer, David Solanes, who was assisting that day, and also a graphic illustrator known as Zwanhg who is also from Spain.  The latter is a friend of David and was interested in creating a few “gore” illustrations through photos of me being tied up in rope.  Now, that sounds very inspiring and I look forward to seeing his work!

Miyagi-san was a very pleasant, polite and unassuming gentleman.  He took his time to describe what sort of ropework he was going to do for each set, whilst listening to David’s ideas.  When I told him about the radial nerve injury and subsequent trauma I had faced last year from a suspended position I did, he was most concerned.  He explained this is typically the result of having the middle of the bicep area sharply compressed for a long time, since the area hits the radial nerve.  Throughout the shoot, Miyagi-san kept asking me whether or not I was comfortable and insisted that I tell him if the ropes were too tight.   Apart from being skilled with the ropes, he clearly knew what he was doing!  I would definitely like to work with him again in future and of course would very much recommend this wonderfully talented artist.

Once again, David is never short of quirky ideas!  Being the exhibitionist I am and open-minded compared to the models out here in Japan, I enjoy capturing the daring and experimenting with concepts that may “shock” yet leave to the viewer’s imagination.  This Shibari shoot was one of them.  Likewise, David seems pleased to be able to work with someone like me, as I’m not afraid to explore provided I am comfortable with it. 

David is still working on some of the photos but I thought I would share my favorite one as above.  It features Miyagi-san as the “master” and really represents Japanese erotic photography though in milder terms.  The vulnerable image of me slightly exposed and loosely-wrapped in yukata secured by the ropes and the tattoos on Miyagi-san’s arm, as well as the gloomy black & white colouring of the photograph, strongly depict the mood.  I must also add that my apartment in Tokyo has a small “Japanese room” complete with 4.5 tatami mats, a tokonoma corner, paper oshiire closets and shoji with wooden frames.  Last winter was especially a cold one which caused the paper on the shoji to tear, leaving holes between the wooden frames.  I have not gotten around to repairing that but it came as a blessing for this shoot because as Miyagi-san suggested, it added to the eerie atmosphere typical in Japanese erotic images. 

I would like to thank all four of the guys for taking their time to come over and making this wonderful shoot possible.  For more information about David’s work, check out his website and blog.    I look forward to working with both of you again!

Hoping to receive the uncensored version soonest!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Two Weeks in Amsterdam with Dmitri Reyer

My apologies for this one-month gap in my blogging.  I had a few personal issues to sort out, which gave me limited time to shoot let alone catch up with blogs.  Besides, I’m in the midst of revamping my image and have been pondering over my direction in my modelling career as I’m aiming to develop it to the more artistic and "age-defying" side, namely by focusing in fetish and nude.

That said, I had a very pleasant spur-of-the moment visit from a top photographer in Tokyo.  Yep you guessed it, Dmitri Reyer!  Although I myself was scheduled to be in Tokyo in early November (I am on the airplane as I write this), he decided at the last minute to visit to Amsterdam for two weeks between 18 October to 1 November 2012 as he discovered how cheap flights were during the period.   He had originally planned on nipping off to L.A. to shoot models for building his portfolio but due to logistic and economical reasons he changed his mind.   So I was most chuffed he opted to come see me in Europe instead!  The last time he was here in Amsterdam was during the Stockholm Tour in August when he had just a few hours to spare before catching his connecting flight back to Tokyo.  And he fell in love with the city so much he wanted to come back!

Apart from shooting with me, Dmitri had also arranged to work with some models locally.  We also planned on a trip to Belgium for a few days to shoot in derelict sites which are prevalent there.  Unfortunately, things didn’t pan out as models, with the exception of one, started flaking, had tight schedule or demanded to be paid rather collaborate.  The weather was also too cold and wet to do any decent shoots in outdoors in view that we were planning some nude images.  Next time we will know what to expect and hopefully when the weather is warmer things will work out for the better.  And what can I say about the other models:  If they see his work now, they really will be kicking themselves!  And yes, on the brighter side of things, I was able to have Dmitri all to myself, which allowed us to “practice” on each other and hence develop our talents further.

We worked with each other almost daily.  Outdoors as well as in and around my new penthouse apartment.  Luckily we are both striving for similar things in our portfolios so it was good fun! Dmitri is a very dedicated photographer and a perfectionist as he kept giving me critical yet constructive directions in my posing.  Nevertheless, I learned a lot from the experience and by looking at results began taking note of which poses or directions flatter me most.  Both of wanted so much out of it so it was a lot of hard work which certainly paid off.  Most of all, we are so familiar with each other outside work and are best mates so we work as a team very comfortably.

And you should see the results!  We were both very pleased with them though we do admit we need to develop further.  As always, he manages to add class and elegance to my images and quite rightly discourages me from the cheesy cheap glamour model look.  The lingerie shots were very beautifully captured and brought out sensuality with so much refinement, putting any Agent Provocateur brochure to shame.  With lingerie, too, we also experimented with pin-up styles using my new baby Pink SMEG fridge as prop which came out so wonderfully.  And another highlight of the shoot was of me in pin-up style lingerie wearing an old orange lampshade on my head as Dmitri plonked himself on an armchair reading a newspaper.  It was a concept inspired by photographer Eric Kroll and took all our friends by storm.  

Dmitri also brought with him from Tokyo some silk cloths as props.  They were so versatile!  It was designed for models to drape around body or toss and spin around in the air for a dynamic effect.  Did you see the ones he took of me in the canal in my corset?  And some of me in nude?  Speaking of nudes, we also shot a number of them around the apartment.  I especially love the black and white ones he did of me around the balcony.  

Another area we are wishing develop is fetish photography.  Dmitri is rather new to this area but luckily as I have experience I most certainly welcome churning out some quality photos especially with latex fashion.  It especially gives me a great excuse for shopping for cool outfits!  One evening, we did a shopping trip to Damask in Amsterdam to get some latex gear particularly keeping the then-upcoming Japan Fetish Ball in mind.  A tight black skirt with suspenders, an open-cut bra top along with a neck corset with suspender clips for some arm-length gloves!  And, by the way, this outfit was a real hit at the Ball.  So I’ve yet to see the retouched photos of myself shot in that!  

Besides shooting models, may I also add that Dmitri has outstanding talent in landscape photography.  With a lot of passion as well.  Whilst in Amsterdam, he took so many photos of this beautiful city, both day and night.  I had the honour of accompanying him and showing him around, and whilst he was snapping away I realised how much I was taking for granted my own neighbourhood.  Even the nearest bridge on the canal in front of my own place looks so beautiful now.  And yes I was freezing my ass off at times when he wanted to stop and shoot, but even I surprised myself by being genuinely patient and supportive.  All I can say that I am always chuffed to see him so happy pursuing his passion with so much pride.  So keep up the excellent work and never give it up!

Before I forget.  I also want to thank the wonderful make-up artist Katie Larcombe for doing the make-up and hair on the Saturday’s outdoors shoot.  All of us worked so well and although I am quite capable of doing my own stuff, I am planning to hire her again for future shoots in Amsterdam should I require a different image to look more professional.

Dmitri has plans to visit Amsterdam soon.  Perhaps in the summer time but we shall see.  And for any models out there wishing to work with him, here is your chance.  As I say over and over again, you better catch him before he becomes too famous…. but hopefully not too big for his boots!

For more on Dmitri’s outstanding work, please check out his Facebook page!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Girls, Guns and Roses… with Roscos Photography

Go Ahead... Make My Day

Apologies for not keeping up with my blog for some weeks.  Things have been hectic on the personal front, not to mention two photoshoots last week and a day of exhibiting photographs at the annual KamaSutra erotic exhibition in Utrecht last weekend. 

And now to catch up on my blog.  Another awesome photographer with whom I worked in Dublin was Ross from Roscos Photography.  He was also introduced to me by my friend Clover.  Initially I sent a message to him on Fetlife back in August but as I hardly use the site, I forgot about it, and just on the day of my departure to Dublin I only noticed he had replied when I happened to log back on.  Luckily he gave me his proper email address so I was able to ask if he was still available, whilst apologising profusely.  And he was!  I was most relieved and chuffed and quickly threw in a pair of thigh high boots, a collar and a pair of black American Apparel shorts in my suitcase.

Combat Time
A few days into Dublin, Ross picked me up at the hotel lobby where I was staying.  This was on Tuesday 11 September 2012.  Previous to our meeting, he had sent me a picture of himself so I’d recognise him. I would say he looked like a typical “artist,” and as I imagined, he was such a genuine, pleasant and laid-back person with no pretension.  We took a tram for a few stops to his place, a trendy area in Dublin.  It was a quick but productive one-hour or so shoot but both of us knew what we wanted from the images as he showed me his work.  Like Hector, Ross photographs at burlesque events but also shoots alternative images which are quite dramatic. 

And to hell with cars and chicks… guns and girls rock!  The first set involved posing with weapons.  And we’re talking about real and heavy duty ones!  Clad in a black bra, shorts and a pair of thigh high boots, one sub-set involved me hoisting a huge machine gun complete with combat vest and an ammunition belt over my shoulder.  And they were really heavy!  I often wonder how soldiers fight carrying all that.  Then another involved me clutching two pistols in each hand looking mean.  Trying to avoid a glamour model "Bikini Bandits" look, the images were intended for a more a moody and even edgy twist to it, yet very sexy. Had I not have to go out for dinner that evening, we would have made it even more powerful by soiling my face with mud and body splashed in fake blood!   Maybe next time…

The second set involved light bondage.  I donned on my metallic metal collar and leash.  As Ross had a few hooks nailed on one of his doors, he hung a pair of heavy-duty chains in which I stood between in nude and was to pull down from each side, looking oppressed.  So the previous set was of me looking scary and in this one, I was to look scared!  Perhaps the story could be that I was that tough soldier that got captured as P.O.W., then stripped and leashed?

Ross has a policy of not showing his models the photos he takes on the camera viewfinder. He further informed me that he does minimal editing on his images such as making some photos black and white.  In other words, what you shoot is what you get!   So I was rather curious to see how the images all turned out.  A few days later, he sent them to me by email and I must say I was pleasantly surprised!  I am well pleased.

Thank you, Ross, for your time and especially for agreeing to shoot at the last minute.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and as suggested next time we do some location ones outdoors.  Look forward to it!

To find out more about Ross, please check out his Facebook page!

Monday, 24 September 2012

My First Shoot in Ireland: Hector Heathwood

Chained Up
I am most certainly enjoying all this jet-setting around Europe as a model!  A week after my trip to Sweden I took off for a 4-day break to Ireland where I happened to shoot with two wonderful photographers kindly introduced to me by an Irish model and photographer friend in England called Clover.  One of them was Hector Heathwood whom I contacted after having looked at his impressive portfolio.  After a short email to him, he replied promptly which was unexpected but even more unexpected was that he was keen to work with me as well!  He seemed a very pleasant gentleman with a great sense of humour, and I’m proud to announce that I’ve scored some brownie points with him as he praised my spelling and grammar on the first e-mail I had sent him.  Well you know what they say about first impressions!

I couldn’t wait to work with Hector.  The photoshoot was scheduled for 10 September 2012.  Much of his work is focused on burlesque which I figured would add some interesting vavavoom to my portfolio.  That said, he also does quite a few figure nudes focusing on effective lighting techniques to create state of the art images.  I also noticed some fetish-style work such as use of fishnet hosiery, spiky heels and chains which he captures so creatively.  Then I found out later that he is a lecturer at a local college in Dublin teaching photography.  Now that figures!

White Night
Hector’s studio was located at the college where he works.  A short 10 minutes walk from the hotel, he greeted me and he was just as I expected.  Laid back and friendly yet methodical and professional.  After a chatting a bit over a cup of coffee and biscuits, we got cracking.  We started with nudes.   And now, that’s a smart idea!  One would think to start with clothed or lingerie to “warm up”, then as we get comfortable gradually go topless until completely nude.   However, clothes, especially tight-fitting lingerie like bras, basques and of course corsets leave marks on the skin!  And it takes hours for them to fade.  As I’m already comfortable with nudity from the start, I was happy to start with that. 

We captured some beautiful low-key nude images.  First Hector used one strong light on one side and gold reflectors on the other to create some warmth as I posed.   We then experimented with a white chiffon material wrapped around my body which complimented well with my tan.  And then I was adorned in a gorgeous bright jade green one lying down on the floor, followed by a vibrant violet one with which we focused on my back.   Then back to no material, I was made to lie down on the ground which was merely covered with a sheet.  Although I had to keep getting up and down as I was freezing each time I touched the ground, it was all well worth it!  Hector managed to create an illusion of extending my legs through shooting from clever angles.  I also loved how the low-key lighting emphasized the silouette of my curves as well as muscle definition.  Those sessions in the gym have certainly helped!

I soon got accustomed to lying down on the cold floor.  But now it was time for me to lay some chains on my naked body!  I was to wear nothing but a pair of very high PVC platform boots and very high PVC gloves which practically reached my armpits, whilst gripping and wrapping the chain around me.  Normally, Hector “warms” the chain up on the radiator but had apparently forgotten or overestimated the day’s temperature but oh well, it was still fun!  It is the end effect which counts and it certainly turned out well with the low key lighting.
Bending Back
The final set was a more lively one.  At the beginning of the shoot, we rummaged through the dressing room finding what sort of outfits would be interesting and “burlequey.”  I liked the red military peaked cap with the matching cute black Napoleonic bolero.  Hector suggested that the outfit went well with a pair of red velvet waist-high knickers for a quaint 1950s effect.  And he was right!  So here I was back to smiling again in front of the cameras with higher keyed lighting.  This time, though, it was not for the cheesy glamour model look but for a more refined pin-up girl appearance.  And I really loved the results!  Perhaps this is something I might like to explore along with my numerous basques, suspenders & stockings and corsets I own which are sitting in my drawers waiting to be worn.

We decided to call it the evening, as I had to meet friends for dinner.  It was such a fun shoot, and we didn’t realize time had gone by so quickly.  I know I will be back in Dublin soon and when I do, I will definitely look Hector up.  And for those happening to be there for the odd few days or so, I would recommend working with him.  Whilst friendly yet professional and with sound knowledge with lighting, he also produced the images within a few days which I was very pleased about.  The clothed and implied photos are available on Facebook. 

Thank you so much, Hector, for your time and the beautiful images we produced.  I look forward to working with you again soon!

Hello There!
To find out more about Hector Heathwood and his awesome work, check out his website: www.hectorheathwood.com

Friday, 14 September 2012

Sweden Tour Trilogy – The Ultimate Diva

Runaway bride
Last instalment of my Sweden Tour blog!  By now, you will have seen the many gorgeous work of Tokyo photographer Dmitri Reyer.  First outdoors nude with breathtaking landscape then indoors for the more gloomy moody erotica and fetish stuff.  It certainly goes without saying about working with someone just as lively, positive, versatile and open-minded as me:  we collaborate as a team and have so much fun shooting together which reflects on the photographs.  Whilst Dmitri took every opportunity to snap randomly at home with family and in town and was one of the few official photographers at Pole Art 2012, I was most honoured to be his model throughout the trip! 

Our third and last photoshoot during the Tour was another wonderful experience.  Or should I say quite a Diva experience?  This time, we had a make-up artist and hairstylist! Katherina Nikolitsti Andersson is a friend of Dmitri out here in Sweden.  Not only is she very skilled at her stuff but she’s also a sweet and lovely person.  We shot at her place, a beautiful home in Rotebro near Stockholm with plenty of space and natural light from all the huge windows.   And what a perfect venue! Normally, I do my own make-up and hair as I trained in them many years ago, but I realise now what a rut I’ve been in with the same old style.  One gets too comfortable!  It was refreshing to have a change:  Smoky silver/grey eyes with big thick lashes, pale lipstick and voluminous hair.  Simple but stunning with this retro-60s finish, the era I adore so much.

One of my now-favorite portrait images was taken then.  Both Katherina and her father design also jewelry, and it was such an honour to be able to don them on.   I wore a beautiful silver necklace and matching dangly earrings. Dmitri took some headshots which turned out oh so “wow” which got over 30 likes on FB alone!  Makes me realise I should use skilled make-up artists and hairstylists more often.  It looks more polished as well as professional.  So if anyone out there can recommend one in Amsterdam, do give me a holler!

Then of course we also shot some nude images.  How can we omit that? A perfectionist at lighting, Dmitri expertly shot quite some classy nude shots by the huge window.   In one of them, I was posing inside one the four panes, and it looked as if I was a miniature doll trying to escape, reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland.  We also shot some beautiful nude images in front of the fireplace from an angle which made my legs look as if they’d grown a foot longer.  Then there is that impromptu bodyscape one, as he told me to stop and pose because the light from the window was at the right place when I was sitting under the dining room table during my silly moments. 

Lastly we worked on a bridal theme.  We also wanted to showcase Katherina’s jewelry so I was lying down on the sofa loosely draped in a white lace material which was apparently a sample from her bridal gown and adorned with some of the beaded necklaces which Katherina had created.   I’ve yet to see the results of that one!  We of course captured some bridal headshots of me looking so young and innocent (!) and look forward to seeing the results of that too.  Then Katherina had to nip out for a while to pick up her daughter from childcare so Dmitri and I got up to some mischief by sneaking in some shots of me making silly faces and doing some naughty “legs exposed” poses in my bridal outfit.  Well we must say one of them turned out unexpectedly “OMG that’s so beautiful” and even classy enough for the fashion pages in Vogue. Amazing what a bit of unplanning can do!

There is another thing that made the day’s shoot so much fun.  Katherina was being model too!  As rather new to it herself as her mainstay is make-up and hair, it was so lovely to see someone blossom and radiate in front of the camera.  I too had so much fun observing as third-party and even playing Dmitri’s assistant as I held the reflectors and learnt quite a bit about lighting.  Katherina was posing for a pin-up look and with her beautiful smile and lively personality, I think she pulled it off quite well.  So keep smiling, girl!

So that concludes our Sweden Tour!  One of the wonderful things about working with Dmitri is that though he takes his photography seriously and could be candid when directing, he is such a good laugh and makes photoshoots so fun. In fact, when I took some months off from modelling and seriously considered packing it all in, it was through his moral support and seeing the results from our early shoots that I decided to give it another go.  So don’t let his perfectionist ways and immaculately presented work put you off.   Thanks, Dmitri, it was such a great pleasure working with you in Sweden, and I certainly look forward to more when am in Japan next!

Window Dressing
Dmitri is busy perfecting his portfolio and working on his own gallery site but meanwhile, you can catch him and his work on his Facebook Page.