Hi everyone, it's me MIU!

Half-Japanese and half-Thai, I'm a free-lance semi-professional MODEL and ARTISTE based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I have lived in the UK for 12 years previous to that, where my modelling career was born in 2008.

Apart from working all over the UK and Holland, assignments have taken me to Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Sweden, Ireland and, of course, my hometown Japan!

I started as a life model posing nude for artists in the late 90s and eventually put myself in front of the cameras as a glamour model and became involved in car shows and hostessing parties and events in the UK. Easily bored with the same old routine I like to vary my work. Today, much of my work lie with nude, fetish, alternative, and erotic art.

For more information, you can also find me on: http://www.minimiumodel.com/

I love to document all my shoots and events to reflect what a great time I'm having and meeting all sorts of people. Some entries may be delayed since the shoot due to waiting for edited images or just being "busy". But I do my best!


Monday, 27 September 2010

Commercial Shoot Debut with Unzipped

So here I'm sitting in our beautiful Amsterdam apartment resting after weeks of insane working and travelling. Weeks of back to back shoots when I'm not visiting mum in London or tending our Horsham home. It's raining here again outside so what to do apart from going to the local gym and playing with Facebook? Updating my blog!!!

Well I figured that whilst I'm out here I may as well tell you about my very first commercial shoot. Out in Amsterdam! There is this wonderful shop called UNZIPPED on Centuurbaan in centre of Amsterdam selling all these hot sexy club wear as well as swimwear which my husband had discovered and introduced me to some time ago. And boy, was that a mistake for him...cuz since then...I've been a regular customer!

The shop is jointly run by Anja and Arthur both who are wonderful people with really awesome ideas for designing outfits. They look good on almost anyone even for the more vertically challenged like myself! The clubwear include good quality stretch PVC in red and black (pink has unfortunately been discontinued) and some sheer garments including those in my favourite pattern, animal print. Then there is also the hot sexy and skimpy swimwear collection in all colours of the spectrum including day-glo pink, green and yellow. You can mix and match the various tops to the bottoms which come to the ultimate skimpiest of thongs! Anja has also been showing me the different ways to wear and tie a simple bikini top...

It was my husband who initially coaxed me to try getting some modeling work with Unzipped for publicity stunts such as their website and posters. However as predicted it proved impossible because tall lean and leggy girls were the look they were after as typical in the fashion world. Besides, the outfits are skimpy and tight they may be well suited for the "better endowed". I further seem to recall they were contracted with an agency for their publicity so it wasn't up to them to choose. Still no hard feelings, as I continued frequenting their shop to stock up on all the hot outfits the photographers would love to see me in! And not to forget feeling sexy strutting around in all the barely-there bikinis by the poolside!

Then one day, that fateful spring day when I was trying on some outfits at their shop, a poster popped out in the changing room. A photographer was searching for models for portfolio enhancement. Initially reluctant to question it after being "turned down" the first time, I just casually asked Anja what that poster was all about and she told me I was very lucky today because the photographer in question happened to be in the shop so I could have a word with him! Enter Bart Sluiter... he had just returned to Holland after living in Curacao for some time and was looking for work and hence models to enhance his portfolio. I suppose Unzipped was also looking for some fresh faces and even ethnic diversity to appeal to "normal" women like myself.

With co-manager/owner Arthur there too, I had a chat with Bart. What an easy going friendly fella he was! Must be all the sun and carefree lifestyle he adopted in Curacao. And he was very keen to work with me given my experience in modeling, positive attitude and enthusiasm. Keeping in mind the reluctance by management to use petite models, I asked if my height was going to be a problem but he kindly responded that with the right angle and some help of photoshop, I could appear taller in photos. Sounds obvious but I often wonder why a lot of fashion photographers don't think of that! After a brief chat, we kept in touch and set up a shooting date for the next time I was there, that is 13 June 2010. I couldn't wait!

The shoot took place at Bart's apartment in Amsterdam, where I was also greeted by his assistant, Claire, a very sweet and lively Scottish "lass" who also helps at the shop. All the clothes were provided from Unzipped which included a pvc red mini skirt with zippers on the sides and matching red bikini top, another red pvc outfit but a skimpy two-piece "swimsuit" with a collar attached and a cute sheer leopard skin top & bottom with matching "gloves". In addition, Bart asked me to bring a black bikini and ankle boots. We also did a shoot where I was to be lying down in a bikini pretending to be sunbathing in a boat from which Bart would superimpose a scenery from a busy Amsterdam canal!

In all the shoot went very well and we had so much fun! We all clicked and gelled together immediately. Am also pleased to make another new friend that day. Claire is from Scotland where my husband is also from and recently moved to Holland. She's also a pole-dancer and is keen to give lessons to the girls whilst out here so now I got someone to practise with and have a good laugh! And who knows maybe if I become good enough she might let me have a go at one of her gigs...

In August, I was featured in the summer advertising campaign that was e-mailed to everyone on the mailing list. Further, three of my photos appeared in the website in the mail-order section.... the two red PVC outfits. How cool is that! I hope I have further opportunities to do this again. Well fingers crossed.... Anja expressed how happy she was and even complimented me on my healthy complexion and "good skin" so I must be doing something right! Thank you everyone for giving me this chance and thanks, Bart, for believing in me... that even shorter models can be given a chance to do some fashion, especially in a hot happening label like unzipped! Will be dropping by more often now...

Log onto http://www.unzipped.nl to check out this hot and happening Dutch clothing line...

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Sweet Happy Nude Shoot in the Dunes

Sadly summer is over as we are now approaching October soon. Then the clocks will start changing and we will really feel the Winter! I therefore just wanted to share you my VERY LAST OUTDOORS NUDE SHOOT for 2010 which took place on 19 August 2010. This was in Heemstede, Netherlands about 32 km from Amsterdam, and the photographer in question is known as Dutch Nude Art on Model Mayhem as he specifically requested me to refer to him as on the blog.

Although August was not such a great month in terms of weather, it was only this day we were very lucky. Pleasant and warm without being irritatingly scorching and morover, perfect for outdoors photography without the strong sun. Neither of us remember how we first got in touch, but we found each other on Model Mayhem where I noticed his nude photography work taken place outdoors on what I had assumed was a beach. I suppose I always wanted to do a shoot posing naked on the beach which is rather impossible in the UK especially in neighbouring Brighton where are too just many people and prying eyes. And I grew a tad tired of doing nude shoots in the woods too! Well it turned out that the venue in question was not a beach in Zandvoort but in the middle of the Dutch Dunes not too far from Amsterdam!

We met up at Heemstede-Aardenhout station and we took a bus for about 20 minutes to the dunes, known as Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen or Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes. It is where the drinking water for Amsterdam is made available via rainwater and pipes scattered around the vast dunes which get purified for consumption. With a rucksack on my back (it was
a nude shoot why do I need extra outfits???) and trainers on my feet, I accompanied the tog through the park which led to the dunes. It was the second day of my Cabbage Soup I recall, the fruit & veg only day, which meant I had no carbs for the energy so I was extra cautious to take it easy by drinking plenty of water. Luckily I'm fit so I survived!

We camped out on several spots throughout the day. Most amazing was that there was NOT A SINGLE SOUL in site! Not even the odd dog walker. How awesome is that! So I was free to roam around in the nude as I pleased which of course suited me. We walked around and hiked hours on end whilst pausing for some shots. All took place in the sand and at one point we found a couple of half-dead trees where I posed. In the end, we settled at this area smack in the middle of the dunes.

After a few shots, the tog had this brilliant idea of getting me to dance, jump up and down and run around in the nude. It was to be from the static to the dynamic. At first I seemed a little shy and reticent but as I got accustomed to it I had so much fun! Recalling that 80's Steve Martin film, "L.A. Story" and how the very young and ditzy but free-spirited Sarah Jessica-Parker starts "spinning around" the beach, I started to feel all the joie-de-vivre resurface in me. I never felt so free and happy for months simply doing crazy things like run, skip and jump like a little child. What a rejuvinating and therapeutic experience that was. I very much recommend that!

Once we decided we nailed enough images we decided to call it a day. It took at least 30 minutes to walk to the gate where we could catch the bus back to the station. However, we realised that we missed the bus and that the next one would be in more than an hour! So rather than hang around and wait, we thought, why not just WALK to the nearby station which was a stop after Heemstede-Ardenhout where we had met up. That would be another 30 minutes or so. But I didn't mind at all. I love walking, keeping fit and enjoying the scenery of the Dutch countryside although much of it is flat fields with cows. Throughout the walk we got to know each other better, talking about families and life in Holland as we're both foreigners (he's half-Peruvian) And the tog was so impressed if a little pleasantly surprised that I didn't complain even once. It's called professionalism... Hope I scored more brownie point on that one!

Once we arrived at the station, we went our separate ways as I took the train back to Amsterdam and he had to go the opposite direction. I had so much fun that day! Though I was just about to collapse with exhaustion when I got home, it was worth it. The tog immediately sent me a contact sheet from which I was to choose 50 images for him to enlarge which in turn I was to select 10 of my favourites for editing. It was a difficult decision as I liked almost all of them! He got me the edits almost immediately after I selected both in colour and B&W. They're so beautiful and so happy. Thank you so much for making my day! I plan to shoot with him again next year of course when the sun is out again...

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Shibari Shoot with Niko & Dave

I had my second Shibari experience in the summer during my East Midlands Tour. The evening following the latex shoot with Les Harwick (as per last entry), I boarded the bus to Ilkeston on 1 August 2010 to work with Niko and her partner and shibari expert Dave Wykd. And what a fine experience it was!

Niko began photography recently but is also a model known as Clover, a sweet and lovely young Irish girl from Dublin studying in Nottingham. It was from Fetlife that she "discovered" me and sent me a message asking me if I'd like to work with her and David for a shibarishoot. I have seen the works of both of them, Niko for her quality images and David for
his beautiful ropework, so I immediately jumped at the opportunity as I was looking to add some more such images in my portfolio, especially after having enjoyed the experience with Rod MacDonald some months before!

After an hour or so bus ride from Nottingham to Ilkeston, I was met up by Niko at the town square, and we walked to their home. She was just as I imagined, very sweet and hospitable! As I was still full up from the pub curry lunch earlier in the day, I let them have their dinner before meeting up with me and arrived at the doorstep where David greeted me. Their front room is used a studio in which the windows were curtained and the walls painted red though Niko typically takes her photos B&W. With the shoot starting the next morning, we just chatted, browsed through various books on rope bondage, relaxed and watched TV and "St.Trinian's II" before retiring off to bed.

Next morning after shower and nipping to Tesco's to buy lunch and dinner, we proceeded with the shoot. But first...Niko instructed me NOT to wear any make-up or do my hair! In fact, it was Dave who initially shook his head when Niko suggested shooting me. The reason? Because I was too made up. Natural was the look they were after. Imagine doing a shoot with no make-up on! But being a skillful make-up artist, though, I have to confess I did slap on some foundation and powder to even out my skin tone and prevent shine, along with eyeliner and mascara to enhance eyes (no false lashes this time!), blusher for a healthy glow and lipliner and clear lip gloss for a fresh-faced natural look. Sorry guys but I couldn't resist!

We started the session with me dressed in a white yukata (Japanese-style gown) with sakura cherry blossom patterns. Dave tied me up around the chest (shinju) and upper arms with my hands tied back with the aim of suspending me from the back before I was stripped off t
he yukata and in nude, as Niko clicked away. Then Dave proceeded in getting me to squat and tying my thighs to my legs whilst knees bent, a terminology known as futomomo (means "thick thigh" in Japanese).
Luckily my Japanese upbringing has enabled me to be able to squat for a reasonable amount of time though I do get pins and needles as my family always used Western furniture like chairs and tables.

With my hands tied back, arms pinned to my sides and knees bent, Dave tied the ropes on my back to the pulley suspension from the ceiling. Scary!!! Even scarier was Dave gently pulling the ropes so that I was really upside down! However, once I was upside down, I was somewhat feeling good, letting the world go by and enjoying the ride. Niko meanwhile was clicking away, knowing exactly which position to shoot from and with experience had the lighting to her satisfaction so there was no faffing about.

Once I was taken down for a swig of water, I got into my yukata and we did some floorwork concentrating on the upper body. This involved binding my arms behind my back and creating patterns with the ropework. One of them is called teppo which means rifle in Japanese, implying a soldier carrying a rifle on his back. It was amazing what a beautiful artwork rope-tying makes! Before breaking up for lunch, we did a quick set in which I was in my yukata again, tied in the chest area with my arms behind and gagged with the same rope. A matching blindfold with the yukata pattern was added for more effect.

Then after lunch, we resumed with more floorwork this time using a bamboo pole which Dave suspended low until it was just a foot off the ground. I was to lie down on the floor being tied to the pole by my ankles, looking helpless as my arms were crossed over my chest and bound. We also added a cloth gag as well. Then the ropes came off and I was ready for another suspension action!

This time, I was suspended horizonally from ceiling along a strong bamboo pole. The pole was strong alright! Ropes were used to suspend me from my ankle, mid thigh, waist and chest. In order to prevent my bottom leg from dangling, it was tied to my other leg knees bent. That was the most difficult position of all, even more than being upsidedown. Upsidedown, at least one can just dangle. But sideways, one really needs to use body strength to keep upright ev
en despite the ropes helping. It was most challenging but my favorite of my images of the day!

The shoot was concluded by more floorwork but at a sitting position . It was a combination of the futomomo on my left leg (tying my upper and lower leg together with knees bent) and tying my lower and upper arm together with elbow bent) on on my left arm. However, my right forearm was to be tied to my right shin area! It really made an interesting effect (see pic on the right hand side of blog) . Once I was untied I not only felt "released" but also very exhausted and a little spaced out. I was nevertheless very pleased with how the shoot went and how the day progressed observing the wonders of ropework. Apart from its effect from a rope-bondage perspective, the point of shibari is for aesthetic purposes, a reason why I enjoy participating.

We had a quick dinner before Dave and Nico drove me to Nottingham station, and we had some coffee whilst waiting for my train back to London. Their hospitality was well appreciated as well as their quality of work and the teamwork. It also helps that Nico is also a model and hence appreciates what it's like to be on our side of the camera. Once I made my choices of ten photos for Niko to edit, I received them a few days after, and was very pleased with the results. I would definitely work with them again... THANK YOU, NICO AND DAVE!!!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Kinky Latex Shoot with Les Hardwick

Oh no, not again... getting slack again with my blog! I've got such a backlog, it' not even funny. Still it keeps everyone in suspense as to what more naughty stuff I've been up to! Well remember last winter when i went on a West Midlands tour around Birmingham? Well this summer, It thought I'd check out EAST Midlands! A mini one actually, two shoots... one in Nottingham town centre and another one near Derby... So on 31 July 2010, I shot with Les Harwick...
I discovered Les on Model Mayhem or more likely it was he who discovered me as he had left a few comments on my pics on the site. When I checked out his work I was well impressed! Edgy and classy yet sexy and chic, I loved his style. Plus he dresses his gorgeous models with lot of latex which of course I was dying to do. I had another shoot already booked the first weekend in August in the Nottingham area asked so if he were available. And yay, he was!

Les picked me up from Nottingham station and drove me to his studio which occupied part of the British Legion building. What an awesome fella he is and very wordly as well as he spoke of all the travels he does around the globe. He's even been to Japan and as I write, he's trecking out in Vietnam and Cambodia, the lucky man! Les was also formerly a glamour photographer but gave it up as he was getting a tad fed up with the "same stuff" and moved onto the alternative scene where there is plenty of room to explore and be creative. I sympathised with that which is why I am diversifying from glamour work as well although age is another reason I'm also moving on...

Les provided all the outfits, but all I had to do was to provide the footwear as I warned him that I intended to travel light. For the first set, he gave me a gorgeous nylon body stocking over which I were to wear a latex underbust basque. This was finished off with a pair of my thigh high boots and an airforce cap. The set in the studio was well thought out with a
vintage trunk surrounded by heaps of old newspaper apparently found in the building... dated in the 1940s!! Now that's what I call retro. So there I was looking fierce and oh so dominatrix, with a touch of burlesque thrown in. Towards the end, I was asked to rip the body stocking I was wearing in shreds. I really liked those body stockings and nearly protested but then it made me feel good to release all the repressed anger and grief I tend to bottle up...

For the next set, we thought we'd fit in a headshot image. I have been looking to get some gorgeous ones done as much of the them I have tend to be cropped from images and hence fail to provide good quality resolution. Whilst Les was going to provide me with a makeup artist, she unfortunately fell ill at the last minute which was a pity as I was looking to have my eyes elaborately done which I'd find difficult to do myself. Though I'm a makeup artist myself and happy to do my own, I would be curious to see a different face from another hand too. Oh well next time! Les had an ingenious way of providing a light box with ringflash effect which he made himself using a wooden board with a ring of lightbulbs. The idea was for the ring area to surround the pupils of my eyes so as to brighten up the eyes and provide a smooth and flattering finish on the complexion. I was provided with a beautiful black and crimson feather band to put around my neck.... and wow, the result of it! And amazing how a headshot always looks better at an angle rather than facing square onto the camera....

For the final set, I was given an awesome latex set of black "holdups", gloves and matching bra & panty set and wore a pair of my usual kinky steel heel stilletos. Oh and it also came with a cute black/white bowtie choker! I felt ever so sexy wearing it all... making me feel so mean again! I now understand why latex is such a hot item as it's not only because of the second-skin feel but it really does make a woman feel powerful. And boy did I feel it! We did a number of shots of me leaning against the grey concrete wall which really enhanced the shine and gloss of the outfit. And he result again? Wow!!!

The shoot was concluded with Les kindly taking me out for a pub lunch locally where I had my healthy fare of British-style vegetarian curry on rice! He gave me leads meanwhile on how to get more work in the alternative scene and encouragingly reassured me I had great potential for it. It was suggested that I join an agency called Dark Arts but when I looked at the site, hmmm... they are waaay beyond my league! While Les' images will definitely give me a promising start when applying, I really need to add more and work with togs who are as good as him. If I continue at this pace, well, fingers crossed!

I will definitely be working with Les again and hope to schedule a trip to Nottingham again soon. Les was nothing but friendly, considerate and funny while taking his work seriously and knows exactly how to make a model look good. I'm very happy with the images too and look forward to getting more...Thank you so much!