Hi everyone, it's me MIU!

Half-Japanese and half-Thai, I'm a free-lance semi-professional MODEL and ARTISTE based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I have lived in the UK for 12 years previous to that, where my modelling career was born in 2008.

Apart from working all over the UK and Holland, assignments have taken me to Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Sweden, Ireland and, of course, my hometown Japan!

I started as a life model posing nude for artists in the late 90s and eventually put myself in front of the cameras as a glamour model and became involved in car shows and hostessing parties and events in the UK. Easily bored with the same old routine I like to vary my work. Today, much of my work lie with nude, fetish, alternative, and erotic art.

For more information, you can also find me on: http://www.minimiumodel.com/

I love to document all my shoots and events to reflect what a great time I'm having and meeting all sorts of people. Some entries may be delayed since the shoot due to waiting for edited images or just being "busy". But I do my best!


Monday, 23 August 2010

My First Shoot in Belgium and it's BDSM!

I am proud to announce my very first shoot in Belgium, let alone with a Belgian photographer. Being aware that I travel to Holland frequently, Joris (known as Sansflash on Fetlife) discovered me on FetLife where he invited me to shoot with him in Antwerp on my way back. I nowadays travel by train between UK and Holland, via Belgium so Antwerp seemed a perfect opportunity as it was along theway. I had a peek through his work and was impressed with the work of this experienced photographer. Like me, he is always looking to do something new and different and enjoys exploring with creativity.

The following early morning after Chris Morley's shoot (below), I hopped on the train from Breda bound for Antwerp. Joris picked me up at the station. I was surprised to see how much younger he looked in real life which he was pleased to hear! After some breakfast at a cafe chatting about ourselves and discussing the shoot, we drove to the venue, a derelict petroleum factory just outside town.

Wow, it was derelict alright! Though it was safe enough to walkaround even after 2 flights of stairs, all what was left was the concrete foundation along with all the dust and debris on the ground. A homeless guy is usually there on the ground floor with his desk and chair to "guard" the place but he was nowhere to be seen. It was upstairs where we decided to set our "base camp" with all our gear and area for changing. Joris emptied out his suitcase to show me what he had in mind for outfits. As I had warned him previously that as I was running around by train and hence wished to travel lightly, he assured that all I needed to bring were a small amount of lingerie and a pair of stilettos. Joris works with the theatre when he's not taking pictures so he had a great selection of outfits for me to wear, all well thought-out.

The first set... a Japanese schoolgirl!!! I was quite impressed that he managed to dig out a sera-fuku school uniform, a white and grey one which is typically worn in Japan during the warm seasons. Accompanied with this were a pair of white knee socks and a pair of brown penny loafers which I vowed I'd never be caught dead in since I left school! Joris had a bag full of green apples which I used as props. First, to munch with innocently and then to place a big pile between my legs whilst exposing my white panties like a naughty little girl. Because of this naughtiness, I was to be "punished" for it by being tied up. Joris started by tying my hands back and around my chest area shinjuu-style then looking as if I'm being suspended to the ceiling from the back. We decided to add some spice with a ball gag as well as getting my nipples clamped with clothespins... and switched that to, and listen to this, pairs of chopsticks (see pic)!!

For the second set... I was now a Belgian schoolgirl!! Outfits consisted of a navy pinafore with a blouse underneath finished with a red tie. Very cute. We went downstairs and got seated where I was to brandish a
stick and create different moods and facial expressions while Joris clicked away: sweet, innocent, mean, threatening, pensive, sentimental.... then to naughty by again exposing my white panties looking "oops!". We then went upstairs facing a pane-less window for effective lighting. Joris tied me up again, just around the chest area. Then he had this ingenious idea of using a flute as a gag across my mouth! Finally we had my wrists tied together and "suspended" from above. Before we proceeded to the final set, Joris wanted to quickly shoot some nudies of me(!) but this time just holding a Samurai sword. I was to look serene and calm in it, whilst looking invincible. We managed to come up with this beautiful photograph which I have uploaded on the right hand side of the blog.

The final set... Pet Girl! This was all new to me and I had quite a giggle doing this. I was to wear a white tutu, pink legwarmers, matching hairband and a pair of white sandals looking like a lost little kitten. Sitting on a flat crate and after a few cute poses, Joris bound my wrists with a leather band and chained them onto a wooden stick which lay across my shoulders like a yodel
reminiscent of the first scene in the film, "The Secretary". After that, we decided to lose the white headband as it looked so embarrassingly 1980s "Flashdance" especially with the pink legwarmers and my naturally floppy hair which didn't quite fit in the atmosphere. After a few shots of me looking distaught and looking like an aggravated cat, Joris adorned me with a collar and leash, when I was to go on all fours with a milk dish in front of me. Hehe that was fun! But then TWO COPS MARCHED IN!!! I was so paralysed with shock I froze until I realised I was still on all fours clad in the same tutu with that milk dish in front of me!

Nah, we didn't get into any trouble. Joris and the cops exchanged words in Flemish, and luckily I had my passport with me at hand so they could check ID. I don't think either of them has ever seen a Japanese passport before as they marvelled at all the strange characters and all the stamps from my travels. Still, they were very calm, cool and in fact quite friendly and seemed interested in our work. We were simply told we shouldn't be in the derelict building as it's dangerous, so we decided to call it a day. Thankfully, Joris and I managed to nail some good images we wanted. Wow what an adventure that was!

Once back in England, I was very exhausted. First travelling to Breda for a shoot, then up and early for another one in Antwerp before catching a train for a long journey back to England. It was well worth it though! Joris was relaxed and considerate, whilst being a very creative photographer with ideas well thought-out and organised. Considering the amount of pictures we took, he managed to turn them all around and mail them over to me within an impressive 48 hours. There must be over 300 of them, and I'm still sifting through to see which ones go on Flickr, which by the way ought to be uploaded soonest! I would definitely work with Joris again when I have the time again to stop by Antwerp en-route.. DANK U WEL, JORIS!!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Shooting with Chris Morley in Breda, NL

Again I have been rather slack in updating my blog when I tell myself I should do it at least weekly. If only I had more time! Last week I was over at my in-laws in Scotland. Then in Amsterdam just chilling out. Whilst in Holland frequently, I have been slowly building up my network mainly through Model Mayhem. There are quite a number of quality togs about there and compared with the U.K. not inundated with GWCs ("guys with cameras"), and I've been pleased with every one of them. Another of such tog is Chris Morley. Chris is British but when he came to Holland for work about 15 odd years ago, he loved it so much he decided to stay! And who can blame him?

After few exchanges by e-mail and phonecalls, Chris and I finally agreed on a date for 28 July 2010. I would have been on my way back to England by train so Breda, where he is located, was a good stop-over before I continued onto Antwerp for another shoot then to Brussels to catch the Eurostar. Numerous phonecalls with Chris and his wife, Sandy, also from England but a long-term resident of Holland for 30 years or so, proved that they were going to be pleasant company...very friendly, welcoming and keen to have me over. I was very much looking forward to meeting them!

Chris picked me up from Breda train station. As I predicted he was very pleasant and immediately made me feel at ease. He served me some lunch when we got to their place and chatted until his wife Sandy arrived back from work. As she did, it was all big hugs as if we already knew each other for ages! So amicable and you could talk to her about anything. Once we discussed our ideas and they showed me around the house, we got down to business.

Inspired from an image I put on a "Miu's killer pics" on Model Mayhem,
Chris suggested we start with an image of me squatting on a table clad in a red Chinese-style halter top, stiletto heels and grabbing a samurai sword. I normally prefer not to be wearing a kimono or brandishing a samurai sword as I find such images as cheesy and even rather offensive as it depicts a racial stereotype but I make a few exceptions if it's appropriate. In this case, Chris' and the MM image concept were quite tasteful as it was artistic and edgy. And it was! I was very pleased with the result...

I brought some corsets in Amsterdam a few months ago and couldn't wait to show them off so I hinted the idea of getting shot in one whilst there. Besides, it helps when someone like Sandy is around to tighten it for me. We all agreed on this gorgeous satin jade-green one as seen above with which I wore a black patent leather collar. Initially when Chris first sent the edited image to me, I was not too keen about my facial expression but over time, it has grown on me. Still, he said that next time we shoot, I could bring the corset again and have another shot at it. Well we shall see...

We decided that we leave the leather collar on my neck throughout the rest of the shoot. I think Chris figured that I'd be well-suited to do fetish images though nothing extreme. The next set I borrowed a pair of pretty lace tights. It was intended to be black but when we opened the packet, it was brown. However, it worked out for the better as it made the image less harsh and actually blended well with my then-tanner complexion from my holidays in Greece! Chris edited the image of me in the middle of getting the tights off my hips which is actually my favourite of today's images (see among the images on the right), as it is simple but sexy, enhances my skin tone and most of all my abs look leaner!

The remainder of the shoot we concentrated on "erotic" nudes using low-key lighting. Though I've done numerous images of this sort, I find it one of my strengths as it brings out muscle definition and curves, thanks to all the working out I do! Before we proceeded, Chris took some headshots as I expressed the need of some decent ones. We nailed a good one of me smiling though wearing that leather collar which looked rather cute (see above picture). Then we turned the lights down and shot quite a number of images of me pretending to "play with myself" and looking immersed in it yet managing to keep them tasteful and not at all vulgar. The results were outstanding. In fact I was quite chuffed to receive an email from Chris this afternoon telling me he selected a number of the pictures from the tights and erotic nude sets for his portfolio and given he sets high standards to images, I too must be doing something right!

We concluded the shoot and had some dinner which Sandy prepared. As I was spending the night there before catching my train to Antwerp early next morning for another shoot before returning to England, we sat up and chatted as well. Getting to know them more, I would definitely like to work with Chris again. Not only was he, along with his wife, hospitable and kind, he's also very serious about his work and knows what he wants from the images by his meticulous use of lighting equipment and direction which he did well. Thank you so much, Chris and Sandy, for your time. I look forward to our next shoot hopefully in late-September!

More of Chris' outstanding work can be found on http://www.cdmfoto.com.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Hey it's the Preston Park Princess!

Summer is here! Or rather "was" considering the crap weather even in August. Lacking some good swimwear images in my portfolio, I decided to post a casting call on Model Mayhem back in July looking for quality photographers with whom to collaborate for outdoors shoots in swimwear. Further, I have drawers full of pretty bikinis and swimwear from hot brands like Halcyon Blue and Dutch-based Unzipped and uh ok American Apparel too. And then there was my tan from my numerously bragged about outdoors nude sunbathing I wanted to show off. So why not flaunt them all?

I had quite a lot of responses to my casting all but as I could only pick a couple of them, I had to be very selective. One of such photographer was Jeff Mood who is based near Brighton. After days of correspondence and being very impressed with his work, we decided to shoot in Preston Park on 8 July 2o10. The park is on the way to Brighton, just outside it in fact, and is rather huge with lots of beautiful folliage and scenery from where to shoot. Jeff was also keen on adding some outdoors shoots, swimwear and lingerie in particular, in his portfolio. Though I was initially casting for swimwear, lingerie was ideal for me too as I usually do that indoors so an outdoors one would be something different.

I drove towards the park and Jeff met me where I parked my car on the street. With a backpack on my back, I followed him to find areas where to shoot. We found a leafy area near the bushes and did our first set where I was wearing a violet and pink bikini. Jeff was happy to let me pose how I saw fit which he was happy about, but at the same time gave me some directions as suggestions. Then we went to an open area with trees, and there I changed into a bright pink lingerie set with a denim vest on to add some cuteness. We decided to stay in the same area as the light was good as I changed into my light blue and white bikini where I posed sitting on a log.

Then we moved to a wooden bridge, hoping that nobody would pass by. I changed into a neon orangey-pink bikini from Unzipped and snapped a few though it was getting a tad too bright because of the strong sun as noon was approaching. As Jeff liked the pink lingerie I had worn earlier, I got into that, and the light was improving. Then came some teenage schoolboys who were very boisterous and sat by to watch. One of them shouted if he could have a photo taken with me but we had to decline as he was under-age. I must say I was sadly flattered, though, considering nobody gave me the time of the day when I was their age!

We then broke up for lunch at a nearby cafe for some sandwiches, discussing what we had done so far. When Jeff showed me what he had shot so far through his camera view finder, I was very happy with them, and I am very difficult to impress especially when it comes to me wearing something as skimpy! The sun was still strong-ish so we thought we'd wait a while and proceed to shooting at the park shed.

Earlier on, the shed area was infested with volunteer gardeners but as they were all gone for lunch, we thought we'd sneak in a few. The shed was quite a pretty building with a beautiful door. I changed into a zebra-print bikini which would go very well with the house. After a few images there, we moved onto the pond with stepping stones and tall green grasses, again which went very well with the swimwear. Some of the better pictures were taken there as it was not getting too bright.

Our final set was at a very picturesque garden, just a walk away from the main park. Well shaded with the trellis, we found this to be ideal. Unfortunately there were quite a few people strolling here and there but after waiting patiently, we finally got some peace. By then, I was clad in a vibrant tangerine bra and panty set with a knitted white cardy to disguise the lingerie in case someone walked by. We shot a few images there, and when we felt it was safe, we took a few images in front of a big gate that led into a school. Then we called it a day...

I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Jeff. Very outgoing, polite and creative, he was able to churn out quite a number of awesome images. The only issue was with the weather as it was a very bright day, and we feared that would affect the images. Had it not been for Jeff's expertise about planning carefully the location and positions, the images would not have turned out well. I would definitely work with him again, and we plan to do so in the near future. Thank you Jeff!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Held Hostage at Home....with Chris Dee

I am most certainly getting loads of work from Fetlife as I increasingly show more interest in BDSM and erotica photography. It's all the fun role-playing and creating original ideas which keep me going. Another one of the photographers I met on Fetlife was Chris Dee who is based in Hampshire. He does quite a few work for private collectors but as I like his work so much we agreed to split our time between commissioned work and shooting interesting images to enhance our portfolios. So on 12 July 2010 he drove to our place armed with camera equipment and tons of props!

We wanted to create as much ideas as possible using our home and garden as a base. The bed is of course an obvious choice but we left that for doing lingerie work for his private clients, so we worked on that first where I was clad in a bannana-yellow Agent Provocateur bra and panty set and stripping off. Brand-queen I am, I was gutted I had to cut the labels off the garments so they wont be visible in the images. Mainly glamour stuff...

My dressing room has a dance pole which I occasionally use to spin around if I'm feeling rowdy... it's purely for fitness, I swear! Chris covered the mirrors with black cloth and we did a few sets with me chained and bound on it. Firsly to warm up, I was to dress up as a "stripper" in a pair of pink sequin shorts and matching pasties (tassles) and being chained onto the pole with a padlock to add accent to the image. Then I was to strip naked put a straw sack over my head with a collar on my neck to fasten it... brilliant, the collar said "BITCH" on it too. Hehe. Finally it was without a sack so my face and hence expression could be seen.

I wanted to utilise my extensive shoe collection and somehow incorporate it into my images. One picture I found on Fetlife was of a domme German model in latex and thigh high boots standing with her back to the camera but facing a rack full of shoes. We tried to develop that idea but with me dressed in a pair of pink thigh high boots and black PVC dress. Though the original idea didn't work out (too small a space and I'm not as tall & leggy as the German model), we settled for one where I'm standing in front of all the transparent shoe boxes looking smug...

Next set was our en-suite bathroom. It has white walls and good light as well as a cozy corner under the sink to do some crazy stuff. First was me in nothing but one of Chris' thick collars being strapped on my elbows with a belt and my thumbs bonded together with a cute tiny thumb-cuff, an intriguing concept I have never heard of. Then I was to be bound on a nearby towel rail in a pair of leather cuffs, with that said BITCH collar and now here's the piece-de-resistance, my nipples clamped with the clips from a hanger from NEXT (it's a middle-market UK-based clothing chain)!! Well it did hurt quite a bit but it's just for effect, and man, I had to get Chris to hurry up and click away....

Chris had this pivotal idea of me being thrown in our laundry basket. It's located in our sauna which we hardly use. With underwear and unwashed clothes being strewn on the floor, I hopped into the cylinder basket and got my wrists bound together with leather cuffs with a ball gag in my mouth looking helpless. That was a pretty cool idea! Our indoors sets were concluded with me being chained in nude on the banister of our staircase with me looking rather vacant due to exhaustion and fear.

We then went outside and shot in our garden. Another Fetlife image I was fascinated by was that with a model getting hanged by a rope in front of her bedroom door. All simulated of course! So we thought we'd modify that a bit and have me all nude again with a red rope in front of our garage door leading into the garden. Chris however did mention that it may come into some controversy but we shall see... Then the final seduction: me being tied up with our garden hose!!! I got that idea when I was sunbathing one day in the garden and saw our green hosepipe propped onto the faucet. So poor Chris had to wrap me around in this hosepipe... but it really was an unusual idea which he enthusiastically supported. He also added some input by pointing the shower hose at me and me looking scared as if to say, "Noooo don't spray me please!!!"

I thoroughly enjoyed my shoot with Chris. What a wonderful guy! Full of ideas, friendly, polite and very sympathetic to the model's needs and concerns. The kind of person you could confide in if you have any issues. In fact, he invited me to shoot outdoors with a renowned rigger next month which I'm very much honoured and am looking forward to. I also like to shoot with him again to continue with the many ideas we had but didn't have time to exhaust. Thanks Chris for everything!!!