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Half-Japanese and half-Thai, I'm a free-lance semi-professional MODEL and ARTISTE based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I have lived in the UK for 12 years previous to that, where my modelling career was born in 2008.

Apart from working all over the UK and Holland, assignments have taken me to Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Sweden, Ireland and, of course, my hometown Japan!

I started as a life model posing nude for artists in the late 90s and eventually put myself in front of the cameras as a glamour model and became involved in car shows and hostessing parties and events in the UK. Easily bored with the same old routine I like to vary my work. Today, much of my work lie with nude, fetish, alternative, and erotic art.

For more information, you can also find me on: http://www.minimiumodel.com/

I love to document all my shoots and events to reflect what a great time I'm having and meeting all sorts of people. Some entries may be delayed since the shoot due to waiting for edited images or just being "busy". But I do my best!


Wednesday, 31 August 2011

"Near Horsham" Group Shoot

It was good coming back to the UK for the August Bank Holiday Weekend. Our last ditch attempt to fit in as many swimwear and poolside shots as this dreary summer of 2011 allowed us to. This time, it was at a huge privately-owned estate which was quite local to our soon-to-be old home in Horsham, and kudos go to Barney Douglas for arranging it for Sunday 28 August 2011. About 3-4 cars were arranged for this shoot as was unlimited access to the poolside and the surrounding vast estate owned by a wonderful family who was so kind and hospitable.

There were about 12 models and photographers each. I had the opportunity to shoot with 7 amazing photographers for a 50-minute slot each, including

Andy Thomas (Black swimwear & boots around poolside and cars. See above pic)
David Elliot (Lingerie around the gardens and even abandoned tractor)
Fabio Sceac (Orange leopard print then blue bikini by the pool and in greenhouse)
Barney Douglas (Domme look, followed by purple lingerie and then nude in the forest!)
Paul Crusier (Mao cap with red bikini, then art nude, followed by pink tights around the estate)
Joe Kay (black cocktail dress fashion followed by duo shoot in black shorts & basque)
Doug Waghorn (Red PVC dress fetish fashion in gardens and snooker room)

The final shoot was what Barney calls "Daft Group Shoot". Prior to the day the models were all instructed to bring an old tight T-shirt and some kitchen scissors. It was to be a surprise so when the moment came, we were all instructed to jump in the pool in our "wet T-shirts", form a line and bob up and down while the photographers snapped away. Initially I was rather apprehensive about it as I am sensitive to chlorine but I thought a few minutes won't hurt. And I'm glad I did it! In fact it was the highlight of the day!!

Though I have yet to see all the results from the shoot, I thought I'd share this day with you. As I get the edited copies, I will be posting them up on Flickr so keep your eyes open for them! Thanks to Barney and also all the photographers I worked with. It was also great to meet some new faces, including all the young and budding models. Wish em all the best! Also many thanks to the wonderful car owners and the family who kindly let their beautiful property for the day!

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  1. Thank you for the credit. And thank you for helping to make the day so great.

    Barney Douglas