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Half-Japanese and half-Thai, I'm a free-lance semi-professional MODEL and ARTISTE based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I have lived in the UK for 12 years previous to that, where my modelling career was born in 2008.

Apart from working all over the UK and Holland, assignments have taken me to Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Sweden, Ireland and, of course, my hometown Japan!

I started as a life model posing nude for artists in the late 90s and eventually put myself in front of the cameras as a glamour model and became involved in car shows and hostessing parties and events in the UK. Easily bored with the same old routine I like to vary my work. Today, much of my work lie with nude, fetish, alternative, and erotic art.

For more information, you can also find me on: http://www.minimiumodel.com/

I love to document all my shoots and events to reflect what a great time I'm having and meeting all sorts of people. Some entries may be delayed since the shoot due to waiting for edited images or just being "busy". But I do my best!


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Girls, Guns and Roses… with Roscos Photography

Go Ahead... Make My Day

Apologies for not keeping up with my blog for some weeks.  Things have been hectic on the personal front, not to mention two photoshoots last week and a day of exhibiting photographs at the annual KamaSutra erotic exhibition in Utrecht last weekend. 

And now to catch up on my blog.  Another awesome photographer with whom I worked in Dublin was Ross from Roscos Photography.  He was also introduced to me by my friend Clover.  Initially I sent a message to him on Fetlife back in August but as I hardly use the site, I forgot about it, and just on the day of my departure to Dublin I only noticed he had replied when I happened to log back on.  Luckily he gave me his proper email address so I was able to ask if he was still available, whilst apologising profusely.  And he was!  I was most relieved and chuffed and quickly threw in a pair of thigh high boots, a collar and a pair of black American Apparel shorts in my suitcase.

Combat Time
A few days into Dublin, Ross picked me up at the hotel lobby where I was staying.  This was on Tuesday 11 September 2012.  Previous to our meeting, he had sent me a picture of himself so I’d recognise him. I would say he looked like a typical “artist,” and as I imagined, he was such a genuine, pleasant and laid-back person with no pretension.  We took a tram for a few stops to his place, a trendy area in Dublin.  It was a quick but productive one-hour or so shoot but both of us knew what we wanted from the images as he showed me his work.  Like Hector, Ross photographs at burlesque events but also shoots alternative images which are quite dramatic. 

And to hell with cars and chicks… guns and girls rock!  The first set involved posing with weapons.  And we’re talking about real and heavy duty ones!  Clad in a black bra, shorts and a pair of thigh high boots, one sub-set involved me hoisting a huge machine gun complete with combat vest and an ammunition belt over my shoulder.  And they were really heavy!  I often wonder how soldiers fight carrying all that.  Then another involved me clutching two pistols in each hand looking mean.  Trying to avoid a glamour model "Bikini Bandits" look, the images were intended for a more a moody and even edgy twist to it, yet very sexy. Had I not have to go out for dinner that evening, we would have made it even more powerful by soiling my face with mud and body splashed in fake blood!   Maybe next time…

The second set involved light bondage.  I donned on my metallic metal collar and leash.  As Ross had a few hooks nailed on one of his doors, he hung a pair of heavy-duty chains in which I stood between in nude and was to pull down from each side, looking oppressed.  So the previous set was of me looking scary and in this one, I was to look scared!  Perhaps the story could be that I was that tough soldier that got captured as P.O.W., then stripped and leashed?

Ross has a policy of not showing his models the photos he takes on the camera viewfinder. He further informed me that he does minimal editing on his images such as making some photos black and white.  In other words, what you shoot is what you get!   So I was rather curious to see how the images all turned out.  A few days later, he sent them to me by email and I must say I was pleasantly surprised!  I am well pleased.

Thank you, Ross, for your time and especially for agreeing to shoot at the last minute.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and as suggested next time we do some location ones outdoors.  Look forward to it!

To find out more about Ross, please check out his Facebook page!

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