Hi everyone, it's me MIU!

Half-Japanese and half-Thai, I'm a free-lance semi-professional MODEL and ARTISTE based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I have lived in the UK for 12 years previous to that, where my modelling career was born in 2008.

Apart from working all over the UK and Holland, assignments have taken me to Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Sweden, Ireland and, of course, my hometown Japan!

I started as a life model posing nude for artists in the late 90s and eventually put myself in front of the cameras as a glamour model and became involved in car shows and hostessing parties and events in the UK. Easily bored with the same old routine I like to vary my work. Today, much of my work lie with nude, fetish, alternative, and erotic art.

For more information, you can also find me on: http://www.minimiumodel.com/

I love to document all my shoots and events to reflect what a great time I'm having and meeting all sorts of people. Some entries may be delayed since the shoot due to waiting for edited images or just being "busy". But I do my best!


Monday, 15 February 2010

Steve Smith's TPS Shoot in London

For the second time, I was invited to model for Tower Photo Shoot (TPS), a glamour photography club run by Steve Smith in London. Venue was at this beautiful mansion called The Grange up in Eastcote, Middlesex not too far from the capital and run by a wonderful couple whose wife is, like me, Japanese, so it was great being able to converse in my language again!
Steve found me by picking up one of my namecards I had left at the Grange when I was shooting there for another photography club and also from word of mouth. So you see, networking helps! I firstly had the chance to work with TPS back in August 2009, and I had so much fun working with them and possibly must've created such an impression that Steve has invited me back for last Sunday 6 February 2010!
Steve is such a polite and friendly guy who is well organised yet very calm, cool and collected. He even remembered to bring my jacket which I had left behind on my last shoot! Also, when I was running late that day due to problems with the tube, I was in such a state. I hate keep people waiting but Steve was telling me to relax, everything was going to be ok and even shifted the times. It turned out in fact to be such a chilled atmosphere thought we did work on the clock.
My first hour was to be a one-to-one session with a tog called Nick who wanted to photograph me wearing a pink latex mini-dress which was lent to me. Yea, I know, I wish it were mine too! I was to wear my hair in pigtails, looking cute and innocent but... carrying a real axe! Eeek! Had to be smiling sweetly too for that while I'm holding up an axe at one point grabbing one of the photographer by the head while he knelt... and in another, pretending to be just about chopping Steve in half while he was unwittingly walking through the door... Unfortunately I don't have images of this yet and am waiting for them!! Will certainly post them up when I get hold of some...
The next two hours were "group shoots". There were about 10-15 togs that day, split into two groups of shooting one model each. Needing some decent lingerie pics and as it suited the decor of the house, I thought I'd be the Lady of the Manor for that hour wearing a black/white bra & knicker set with black holdups, heels and gloves. Eventually I stripped down to nothing but holdups and heels! The second hour was taken in the lounge where I slipped into a red fishnet night dress. I haven't shot in that in a night dress in ages!!
Unfortunately, most of the togs are too shy to share me their work, or maybe I need to be more assertive and ask! One of the togs present on that day was Jon Mayle with whom I've shot several times before but for a different photography club. In the past, he's always been kind enough to give him some retouched photos for me to use, and I do love his work. Lovely composition and always manages to make me look nice (!) as he's so pleasant to work with... So I thought I'd share a few of his stuff... All four of the images are among the many done by him that day. Hopefully, I may receive a few more from others too, namely the pink latex ones from Nick!
In all, it was a wonderful day, and as Steve was kindly giving me a lift back to the station, he expressed interest in working with me again next time in his studio in Barking. A few location shoots may be planned too. Thank you guys for this and I look forward to working with you all again!!!
Steve organises shoots monthly and upcoming ones are planned on 6 March, 3 April and 1 May.

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